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Bunkerville Nevada site of 2nd American Revolution?


Is Bunkerville Nevada the site where the 2nd American Revolution will begin? With feds on one side wanting the mineral rich land of a long time land owner who is refusing to give up, who now has been joined by 500+ armed militia members coming from some 10 states. Land owner orders local sherrif to arrest the feds, NV governor begins to supply helicopter air support and organization. Over about a mile of flat land the two sides can b seen pointing AR-15′s at each other, and the militia prepares for the long hall as they grab tractors and begin making berms and bunkers. Will Bunkersville be the place for another shot to be heard around the world?

NBC Predicts: All Americans Will Receive A Microchip Implant In 2017!!

All Americans Will Receive A Microchip Implant In 2017!!

Summary of the eRumor:
Video on YouTube shows an NBC Dateline report with a prediction that all Americans will receive a microchip implant in 2017 because it was written into the Affordable Care Act. Has Obamacare mandated the mark of the beast on every American?

The Truth:
The NBC report is real, and the prediction appeared on the network, but implanting microchips in Americans is not part of the Affordable Care Act.

Opinions, articles and conspiracy theories have gone viral on the Web that incorrectly reference old drafts of the Affordable Care Act, which were never enacted. HR-3590 was the version of the Affordable Care Act that was signed into law by President Obama, and anything referring to HR-3200 should be disregarded as fiction.

The HR-3590 bill mentions medical devices, but Radio Frequency ID (RFID) chip implantation in Americans is not part of the healthcare law.

Milwaukee County Sheriff Warns Assault Weapons Ban Would Spark Second American Revolution

In an interview Tuesday with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke warned that a federal assault weapons ban could spark “the second coming of an American Revolution, the likes of which would make the first revolution pale by comparison.”

Clarke, who appeared on a CPAC panel about gun rights last weekend, became a right-wing hero last year when he advised residents to arm themselves rather than counting on calling 911.


Jones told Clarke that he had talked to “a lot of analysts” who “think that the Obama-Marxist types want to start a civil war in this country.”


“They’ve got to know what will happen if they try to confiscate guns,” he said, referring to a federal assault weapons ban.

Clarke responded that such a ban would be an “act of tyranny.”


“I believe that if somebody tried to enforce something of that magnitude, you would see the second coming of an American Revolution, the likes of which would make the first revolution pale by comparison,” he said.


The national gun confiscation they are referring to is totally hypothetical: The proposed 2012 renewal of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban would have allowed people who owned restricted weapons before the enactment of the ban to keep them.


Submitted by Miranda Blue on Thursday, 3/13/2014 1:34 pm

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Cannabis Classification System




A Guide to the StickyType Cannabis Classification System

StickyType is a medical marijuana classification system that StickyGuide created to help dispensaries and patients easily identify common traits in cannabis. The StickyType for a flower can include four indicators: strength, type, flavor and density. A subset of these indicators can be used to classify other types of medical marijuana like concentrates, edibles, seeds and clones.
StickyGuide StickyType Medical Cannabis Classification System


An example of a StickyType indicating a highest strength, sativa dominant hybrid with a sour flavor and fluffy density.


You can utilize the StickyType indicators in several ways at StickyGuide. When a dispensary posts a new medicine to its StickyGuide menu, it can include a StickyType for the medicine, so you can quickly and easily identify its characteristics. You can also filter a dispensary’s menu by StickyType or even search all the menus in your area by StickyType. For example, you could filter a dispensary’s menu to only display sour flavored sativas with a moderate strength and fluffy density. Likewise, you could search all the menus in your area for medicines with these characteristics.


Also, when patients post medicine reviews to StickyGuide, they can specify a StickyType for the medicine. This information can be helpful in gathering additional assessments of a medicine’s traits independent of the information provided by the dispensary.


As patients become more experienced with medical cannabis strains, they typically form a preference to certain medicine strengths, types, flavors and densities. These preferences can be defined as a patient’s StickyType. When you sign-up as a user at StickyGuide, you can declare your preferred StickyType in the sidebar of your user profile page. Adding this information allows StickyGuide to recommend medicines that suit your specific tastes.



StickyGuide StickyType StrengthThe Strength indicator defines the medicine’s potency on a scale from 1 to 3 with 3 being the most potent. When medical marijuana is more potent, less needs to be consumed to attain a desired effect. Also, a more potent medicine’s effects typically last for a longer period of time than less potent medicine.



The Type indicator classifies the plant from which the medical marijuana was derived as being a sativa, indica, or a hybrid of both indica and sativa. This indicator provides a general understanding of how the medicine might affect you.


StickyGuide StickyType - SativaSativa medicines typically have a cerebral effect. They can elevate mood, enhance creativity and increase concentration. Sativa medical marijuana strains have an energetic quality, making them a good daytime medication. However, too large of a dosage can induce anxiety in some patients.


StickyGuide StickyType - IndicaIndica medicines typically have a physical effect that some patients describe as a calming, heavy weight across the body. They can reduce pain and nausea, and are known to stimulate appetite. Indica medical marijuana generally has a sedative effect that can serve as a sleep aid.


StickyGuide StickyType - HybridHybrid medicines are created by crossing the genetics of a sativa and indica plant. A hybrid classification is typically applied to medical marijuana with a blend of 50% sativa and 50% indica, but can also be applied for hybrids where the sativa/indica ratio is unknown. The indica presence in a hybrid can cut the edge of its sativa-based stimulating properties, and add a physical component to the medicine’s effects. While the sativa in a hybrid can counter the sedative effects of the medicine’s indica presence, and add a cerebral dimension to its qualities.


StickyGuide StickyType - Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Sativa dominant hybrid medicines have a stronger presence of sativa and its characteristics than of indica.



StickyGuide StickyType - Indica Dominant Hybrid
Indica dominant hybrid medicines have a stronger presence of indica and its characteristics than of sativa.




Flavor describes the taste of medical marijuana when smoked or vaporized, and is grouped into four categories.

StickyGuide StickyType - Sativa
Sweet flavored medical marijuana can include medicines with sweet fruit flavors, citrus fruit flavors, floral flavors.



StickyGuide StickyType - Sativa
Sour flavored medical marijuana can include medicines with sour flavors, earthy flavors, woody flavors, hashy flavors, chemical flavors, skunk flavors.


StickyGuide StickyType - Sativa
Mint flavored medical marijuana can include medicines with herbaceous flavors, dry flavors, mint flavors.



StickyGuide StickyType - Sativa
Spicy flavored medical marijuana can include medicines with spicy flavors, pepper flavors, garlic flavors, bitter flavors.




Density grades the cure and construction of medical marijuana.

StickyGuide StickyType - Sativa
Dense describes medical marijuana that is tightly constructed and heavy in weight. Medicines classified as dense are typically the most desirable form of medical marijuana.



StickyGuide StickyType - Sativa
Fluffy describes medical marijuana classified that is less compact in construction and lighter in weight, and is often cured to contain more moisture.



StickyGuide StickyType - Sativa
Crunchy describes medical marijuana that contains very little moisture. Medicines with a crunchy density can crush into a powder when broken apart.


When evaluating a medicine based on its StickyType, remember that these classifications can be subjective. One patient may react differently to a medicine than another, so it’s important to always medicate in small doses when trying a new medicine, and realize that your experience could be different than others that have used the same medicine. The StickyType should never be construed as medical advice or used as a substitute for professional medical treatment.

 Cannabis Classification Rating Scale System


The REAL-ationship Manual

We’re born into this world without a manual. No manual for being a kid, no manual for our parents or parenting, no manual on how to live life, and worse of all, no manual on LOVE. Not having manuals like these can really make life a challenge, but what’s important to note here is that by not having a manual we are left with our free will of choice to create our lives. Essentially, the reason we don’t come with manuals is because we are creators. Creators of our own paths.

Even so, I have always wished there was some kind of basic guideline to assist us in our relationships, especially the deep loving relationships. So I am now beginning to compile a basic guideline to happy, healthy, loving relationships.




Military to win wars with Love

Got goosebumps the size of nipples! Look what I wrote/shared on FB that shocked quite a few friends and brothers in arms.
I once was a Warrior. I fought in the most frigid conditions known in the Cold War. I helped end this war. We won.
I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name, but the ops had names like shield & storm. Two decades later a warrior (my nephew) honored the duty of closing our colors in Iraq a year ago (meaning roll up our flag we’re done!). We won.
I am a Warrior. But now I am a new breed of Warrior. I am a Warrior Monk. A Jedi Warrior Monk.
Let me explain…..
Have you seen the movie, “The Men that stare at Goats”? Well more of that movie is true then you all may begin to know.
As a Warrior Monk let me share some of our focus’ with you which will clue you in on what our military is thinking about today, and what our Military will become in the not so distant future. Here are a few of the focus’, or Opportunities on the event horizon (these are still very young and conceptual):
•1. Oil companies realize they are liquid transportation companies and start to move fresh water to needy places on the planet.
•2. Major engineering companies respond to rising seas and create canals that take the excess water into barren lowlands inside the continents where it is needed.
•3. The national military forces of the planet merge to form natural security teams and restore their respective parts of the earths forests, plant life, watersheds, wildlife and the biosphere above all that.
•4. Schools recognize that content is already available on line and change their courses to life skills, learning based pursuits, and a new partnership with nature.
•5. Universities build upon the science of conscious evolution, a visionary mindset, and life force living intelligence and then structure their experience based curricula to that end.
•6. Governments decentralize into bio-regions and organizes military units, school kids, fire departments and others to generate food foraging forests in all available sites for complete global food security.
•7. Neighborhoods take on a wide variety of energy producing solutions to become fully independent but not totally separate from the power grid.
• 8. Web-based democracies attend to their regionally based constituents and use the global web intelligence system to optimize local living.
• 9. That railheads, airports, and warehouses converge to be able to launch global air rescue missions that deliver major emergency living villages to all peoples globally within hours of a disaster.
•10. The global public achieves a clear unifying identity and the per-emptive political power to defang the nuclear arsenal and its fear based factions while offering alternative product lines for the military industrial complex.
•11. We accept the notion that life is more likely to exist in the galaxy than not and prepare for the real benefits of new connections.
•12. We embrace a new level of profound simplicity and reintroduce creativity as a replacement for things and mindless entertainment.
It is now time for our great military to begin the transformation. The transformation from warriors, to Warrior Monks, in which we shall begin to win wars through the hearts, minds and souls of what once were our enemies, and do this through love.
By way of your free will of choice, thou art a creator’!
Lest we create, as our father of creation, the more we must nurture, our Mother, nature.
Jim Channon IS the real world  version of Kevin Spacey.
watch the movie here:
This is the movie army site:
This is the real world army site: