pouring-rainYou know what? I need a break. But before that break I want to share something that is perhaps the most deeply meaningful thing I have ever understood, or at least up until now – at a time like this, here, now. An eternal lapse of reason, yes, that’s what we’ll call it. I cannot be accounted for this information other than to say that it just came to me, from the sky, moments ago. (Father, I deeply hope that everyone will then get it. So deeply do I hope for this, I bow in a torrential stream of tears, knowing what might come of it. Like crying the tears of all time, I flow as a water bearer to the longest drought, Let us deliver. aaaaw.)This is a prophetic vision of the future in which the humble and meek shall inherit the earth — a future in which money no longer rules the political process — a future in which governments will be of the people, by the people and for the people — a future in which peacemakers will prevail so that humanity can transform “swords into plowshares” — a future of lasting universal peace, equity, fairness and justice for all the people, not just the wealthiest few.

This future will not be the result of war and conquest. It will be the result of truth prevailing over all the conflicting false beliefs and ideologies that caused our problems and wars. And it will be a future which will unfold following a global reformation or government and religion, beginning in America and gradually spreading world wide so that all governments serve the interests of the family of humanity and all religions serve to foster the Golden Rule and the Universal Divine Imperative common to all religions.

This message is very frank and forthright, because the truth the world needs cannot be lukewarm. It must be strong enough to cut through the fog of war and propaganda, and it must be righteously authentic in fulfilling the religious prophecies that foresaw this judgment of the world’s leaders.

This promised judgment submits that things don’t have to get even worse before they get better. In fact, we the majority of people of the world who have been rendered worse off and nearly powerless due to the rule of a self-centered wealthy few, can indeed finally inherit the earth and establish governments that actually will be of, by and for the people and will promote the general welfare and use the common wealth for the common good. And, we can do it peacefully, without violence or malice, “armed” only with the the very sharp “arrow” of truth in this message.

America’s Founders provided the basic legal constitutional means for Americans to lead the way to our liberation and empowerment. However, it is up to all of us who love and yearn for justice, equality, respect, peace and freedom to establish it. The Messiah will not lead you in person. For he is only a messenger, and he is not a holy man. In fact, as the prophet Isaiah revealed, he is flawed and struggles with God. And due to prophetic mandate, this message of promised judgment and intercession must be delivered like this from behind the scenes while the messenger remained “hidden,” to show you the way to act with one voice and in one concerted movement to achieve your liberation and empowerment.

However, even though it is the message and not the messenger that is important, the messenger’s authority must be established. Thus it must be said that according to prophecies in the book of Isaiah, the author cannot exalt himself or give speeches from a podium or pulpit. Nor can he impose the judgment. He must be hidden while he delivers “his work before him” and trust that in due time enough people will get the message that will act as the catalyst for an effective peaceful grass roots movement, and that this metaphorical arrow or “stone” of true judgment will then shatter the image of pretenders, hypocrites and deceivers, and ultimately liberate and empower the people of earth.

This judgment is comprehensive, but it especially targets the most powerful people in the world who profess to worship the God of Abraham and therefore belong to one of the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam). Thus the judgment is delivered like “lightning,” as mentioned by the prophet Zechariah, who wrote that God “will fill the bow” with his servant, and the Lord’s “arrow shall go forth as the lightning.”

Note the symbolic “arrow” and “lightning,” because that symbolism is used in other books of the Bible, as in Isaiah 49:1-7, which amazingly “quotes” the “arrow,” the modern son of man, quite accurately:

“Listen to me, all peoples, from far: the Lord has called me, and from the womb of my mother has God made mention of my name. And the Lord God has made my mouth and pen like a sharp sword. In the shadow of God’s hand have I been hidden; and the Lord has made me as a polished arrow concealed in God’s quiver. And God said to me: ‘You are My servant, Israel, in whom I will be glorified.’ But I said: ‘I have labored in vain, I have spent my strength for naught and vanity. Yet surely my righteousness is with the Lord, and my satisfaction with my God.’ And my God that formed me from the womb to be a loyal servant, to bring Jacob back to God, and that Israel be gathered unto God — for I am honorable in the sight of the Lord, and my God is become my strength. Indeed, God said: ‘It is not enough that you should be My servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the offspring of Israel. I will also give you for a light of all the nations, that My salvation may be unto the ends of the earth.’ Thus said the Lord, the Redeemer of Israel, his Holy One, to him who is despised of men, to him who is abhorred of nations, to a servant of rulers: ‘They shall see, and they shall lower themselves and acknowledge God; because of the Lord that is faithful, even the Holy One of Israel, who has chosen you.'” –– Isaiah 49:1-7

That obviously does not speak of Jesus. It speaks of one like Jacob. It speaks of the modern servant of God whose work will set things straight in the world. And Jesus of Nazareth understood the prophecies about him, especially those in the book of Isaiah. That is why Jesus said he had to “go away and be seen no more” (John 8:28, 12:47, and 16:7-15) but spoke about what would happen now at the end of the age, with the coming of the modern “son of man” who now bears the testimony of Jesus, preceding prophets, and other enlightened ones.

“The days will come when people will want to see one of the days of the son of man, and they shall not see it. So they will look here and there, but do not follow them. For as the lightning lightens all parts under heaven, so shall also the [work of the] son of man be in his day. But first he must suffer many things, and be rejected by his generation.” — Jesus, according to Luke 17:20-25

The trouble is, because of the erroneous presumptions and doctrines of men, Christians have not understood Jesus. For whereas Jesus was accepted by multitudes in his generation but was killed young, the modern son of man is old and has been rejected by his generation and been stricken, afflicted, despised and abhorred, and thus fulfills actual Judeo-Christian prophecies. He has delivered his work before him as he remains hidden, just as was prophesied by Isaiah and Jesus. And the message is like “a light for all the nations,” because it is delivered electronically “like lightning” to you, and it is sharp as an arrow.

Because he is flawed and only human, some people dismiss his claim of prophetic prerogative and doubt his work is divinely inspired. Some people even hate it and call it a lie. But, in due time, the great, vast majority will get the message that will liberate and empower you all – regardless of your religion, race, or nationality.

Long ago it was foreseen and foretold that in order for the humble, gentle, kind, generous, peaceful and “meek” majority of people to inherit the earth and enjoy the birthright endowed to us by God, a truly righteous judgment would be needed at a certain point to judge and correct the world’s leaders and set things straight.

Prophets prior to Jesus of Nazareth could not indicate when that would be, even though they knew the day would come, and even Jesus could only say that it would be “at the end of the age.” An article in this message on that subject speaks to that, and it reveals that the end of the age, also called aeon, olam, yuga and other words that can mean about the same length of time, is drawing near. And it’s about time.

Proper, strong judgment is needed now because greed and corruption are rampant. Proud and militant partisans and extremists fight for power. Scoundrels find refuge in patriotism. Hypocrites find refuge in religiosity. We are divided, in conflict, and at war. Our political, economic, legal and religious systems are failing. And, due to the greed, self-interest and vain folly of a self-righteous, self-important few, the great majority of us suffer the terrible consequences.

Unfortunately, as it was also foreseen and foretold, while our predicament and this terrible tribulation has gotten worse as we now are in the new age of Aquarius, the judgment and the messenger who delivers it has been and still is dismissed and rejected by his generation.

The day will come, however, when the vast majority of the people will get the message and understand why a truly righteous judgment is needed. For it will liberate and empower all the people, and it will correct the political and religious leaders of the world who have brought us to this terrible state of conflict, inequity and injustice. For it was not God who caused this tribulation. It was the greed, corruption and vain folly of egocentric Man.

Part of the reason the servant-messenger of God is rejected is that most people still want a conquering hero and holy king, not understanding that the fulfillment of real prophecies is not about the rule of one man, nor is it about the dominance of one world religion or a one world government. Moreover, it has nothing to do with a so-called “holy war,” or magic, or anything supernatural.

The fulfillment of prophecy is about a divinely called and chosen messenger-counselor who is “hidden in the shadow of God’s hand” and delivers the message from behind the scenes, and it is also about the people finally getting the message and the pen finally proving mightier than the sword.

Christian doctrines reveal an unawareness of that and other prophecies, which is of course why Jesus said that the full truth would not be known until the end of the age. Now we may know, because real prophecies were revealed to God’s modern servant-messenger, and they are revealed here.

Fortunately for us all, the judgment, intervention and intercession he delivers is not to dictate or issue commandments. It cannot be imposed and he cannot assert himself or speak out publicly. He can only deliver the message and make people aware of it, which has been done. And it is designed not to condemn but to educate; not to punish but to correct; and not to destroy but to save.

It merely counsels and guides humanity to the truth, explains religious prophecies and the nature of God as much as possible, pleads for the poor, the elderly and the disadvantaged, celebrates our diversity, shows you things to come, and suggests how we may proceed forward toward a brighter future together.

It’s about the liberation and empowerment of the people, so that we may finally become the family of religions and races and nations with governments that will be truly of the people, by the people, and for the people, at long last.

It’s about how and why we need to bring about a reformation of our religions and our governments so that they will use the common wealth for the common good, promote the general welfare, and ensure domestic tranquility, pluralism and freedom of religions, equal rights and opportunities, and justice for all the people.

Judeo-Christian scriptural evidence was mentioned merely because Christianity is the largest religion in the world and the most powerful, but the message is universal in scope and appropriate for all religions.

The messenger is upon a path to point out that if from many become one that such a team can lead the world to kingdom come, rather than take the path of egocentric men who think they can save the world by ruling it or exalting themselves.

This is the truth, for it is the truth and nothing but the truth that shall set us free, and the messenger was sent to provide true counsel and not to exalt himself but to liberate and empower you all.

We are divided and in conflict, and what we’ve been witnessing and experiencing is systems failure — the failure of certain political, legal, economic and religious systems and institutions that have become corrupted by Man.

Because these systems are corrupt, they serve the interests of the wealthiest few at the expense of the vast majority. That is the crux of the matter.

It may get worse before we can make it better. But take heart. It’s not the end of the world. It’s the end of an age. Things will get better. The pen and the song will prove mightier than the sword, the truth will prevail over all the false beliefs that divide us, and the humble, gentle, peaceful and meek majority shall inherit the earth.
According to world prophecies, most of this was foreseen long ago, and certain prophets knew that the terrible predicament and horrible tribulation from which we suffer would precede an interceding judgment.

According to prophecies, the judgment is delivered by a certain man. The problem is, as was prophesied by Isaiah and Jesus, he sends his work before him but is rejected by his generation, and while there are many reasons for the rejection, it’s mainly because he is not what anyone expected.

For example, many people expect him to be a conquering hero and “holy king,” but an accurate interpretation of the most specific prophecies is that he is neither. He is not holy and he is only human. He cannot seek worldly personal power and his only “weapon” is the “pen” and his songs, so he delivers his work but as Isaiah foresaw it is rejected so long that as an old man he fears all his work has been in vain.

Even though he is the principal messenger for the Spirit of truth, he is a man of sorrows and well acquainted with grief, and he is your fellow companion in tribulation. He knows that all he can do is tell the truth and deliver the message to liberate and empower the people, and he knows that the promised judgment cannot be imposed. The people need to recognize it for what it is.

He know what will save the world is not a man, nor a son of man. It is the truth, and nothing but the truth, that will liberate and empower the people, because among other things it provides a way that they may finally have government of, by, and for the people. And as soon as enough people get the message it will provide the judgment, intervention and intercession that was promised, and open the door to a brighter future.

He knows America, the most materially powerful nation, can finally become a good example to the world, with government that uses the common wealth for the common good, promotes the general welfare ensures equal opportunities, equal rights and justice for all, and treats all peoples, all religions, all nationalities, all races and all cultures as equal.

He knows we need not be ruled be an absurdly wealthy few. Contrary to what the phoney “gospel of prosperity” of the “religious right” claims, it is wrong that the wealthiest few in America own 95 percent of the total wealth of the nation while eighty percent of Americans own only five percent of the wealth. But this inequity has been allowed by very cunning people, many of whom effectively established a false idea of Christianity that turned it up-side-down.

The Reaganites and “religious right” in America falsely claim that Jesus meant it to be this way, and since 1981 they have been pushing their version of the “gospel” and claiming that the wealthy are blessed by God and the poor deserve their lot because “they are lazy and not self-reliant,” as Reagan put it.

However, they are hypocrites and Theocrats, pushing false doctrine and misleading people. And that is one of the reasons Americans are divided and polarized by those who fight for power over each other in a winner-take-all partisan political system fueled by money and driven by greed.

Truth will over come.

To better understand  our world today we must know the meaning of two very important words; Apocalypse, and Myth.Apocalypse – (Ancient Greek: apocálypsis, from and meaning ‘un-covering‘), translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.Myth – (New Latin mthus, from Late Latin mthos, from Greek mthos.) a traditional story, esp. one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events.|

Through time, and  conditioning, we have begun to use words such as these in exact opposite of their meaning.

Through time, and  conditioning, we have begun to use words such as these in exact opposite of their meaning.

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With our most recent move into the age of Aquarius marks a very special moment in time for our entire collective species as a whole. It is during this time when we shift from one age to another that sages and seers keep on their toes for the next coming prophet. So the sages have been watching for the 2nd coming of Christ, and he has not come. And so the seers, thinking that after 6000 years of male dominant energies and war, that with our return to the divine feminine energies as part of the natural balancing cycle, that they should be watching out for a Goddess. And she has not come. Neither he, nor she, has come. Why?

Having had now some 2000 years to learn from the teachings of Christ, the bible, and many other sacred texts, it is now time for us to begin to enact our learning’s. The 2nd coming of Christ is not Jesus himself or a divine feminine Goddess coming back to save us. They have not come. They will not come. That is because the Second coming of Christ is You, and it’s I, and it is him, and it is her. We are indeed the ones we have been waiting for. It is time for us to, how shall I put it, “Walk the Jesus Walk”.

This site was produced for these exact reasons. To help spread the truth of this moment in time that we all find ourselves in, and for us to begin talking and sharing about what our next steps might be in this, a most exciting time to be alive during this Grandest age of Spiritual Evolution.

I welcome and challenge one and all to partake, to question our past conditioning, to hunger and thirst for truth, and to ask yourself, “What legacy will I leave when I am gone?”. I challenge us to fall the walls and fences that have kept us separated for far to long, so that we may all gain a higher level of being, of higher consciousness and purer love. It is true at an individual level as well as at a global level, that the source of most problems come from the lack of the presence of love.

For if there was ever one thing that all should know is this single Universal Truth: Unconditional Love Trumps All! No need to pray for it, hope it, dream it or wish it, rather you must know this. For if you should know this, than it shall come to pass. Know this.

Love & Light,Scott


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Scott Bruno
Astrology Sign: Capricorn
Color: Purple
Planet: Saturn
Favorite Pet: Bear (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)
Ice crème Daiquiri Ice on a sugar cone
Car: 1964 1/2 Mustang Convertible
Favorite Place: Near the equator or anywhere in Nature
Favorite Album: Pink Floyd, The Wall.
Favorite Movie(s): TIE – Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang/Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

I Have a Vision | Golden Rule | Heaven on Earth | Religions | Da Vinci &Scrolls | SpiritualityMy Way!War Pics


I was born in Glendale California where I lived for two years before moving to Palo Alto California. After spending a few years in Palo Alto, very close to my fathers work at the time, Ford Aerospace, we moved to Cupertino. Cupertino, known as the home of Apple computing, is where I lived up until I was 22 years old, besides a 2 year stay in France. A two year stay in France turned out to be a date with Michael Angelo, Napoleon and the ways of Europe. As a child growing up in France I was home secluded but fashionably toured. I found my new home quite intriguing, living in the outskirts of Cannes and Nice France amongst the best wine growers in the world. My best friend quickly became a sheep herder. Didn’t know know why, just liked burning the dead vineyards with him and I was astonished at his dogs capabilities.  I quickly built a home fort, talked my dad into supplying me with a BB-Gun and the hills were mine to conquer.We would then find ourselves touring such places as the Vatican, Roma, Vincenza, and so many other places throughout Europe I still today cannot believe that in which I was offered to. But my mother wasn’t an average tourist, she would sit in place for hours at a time. I spent hours looking at Leonardo’s work, endless times gazing at the art deco, the love of it, as a child it amazed me, all of it really. Tombs, chapels, the smells still today I can fathom that which it smelt and taste like. You also might think that with such an upbringing there would be some sort of church attendance from the family but there was none. That would come later, for God and me to decide. It wasn’t but a sweet two years of Frampton, Fleetwood Mac, and oh yes, The Carpenters and a cast full of European stars that I would then end up back in Cupertino. You would figure that a kid growing up in Cupertino would be an avid believer and evangelist of Apple and products, and I was that kid, for some time.

Before I got to the level of Apples and computing there were other little technology toys that my parents so kindly introduced me to and shared with me. The new Hewlett Packard (HP) calculators in the 1970’s is where I got my first real technology  experience and excitement from. A wonderful HP calculator that my dad had got for applying rocket science equations too allowed for us to actually slide programmable cards through it. Beyond the beauty of this little calculator being a barbaric palm for its time, we were able to acquire a wonderful little mathematical game application for it called Lunar Lander. Lunar Lander, on a programmable HP calculator was what spawned my interest in computing.

As the years passed I was exposed to every line of computing imaginable to the publics eye and beyond. After the wonderful HP calculator came “the Pet” by non other than commodore. Much better than the card sliding programmable calculator, The Pet allowed for us to program straight to a cassette tape. The cassette tape became the hard drive and soft drive and gave us wondrous amounts of additional functionality <<chuckle chuckle>>. The most notable application built on the Pet was Eliza the first known Artificial Intelligence offered to the public. Here is a web version of Eliza, and at the time, she was the $h|+. As I grew more and more into working with the pet and playing with it the most notable game made and played on this computer was known as star trek; semi visual through ASCII characters, I was now being exposed to the beginning of visual usability in computing. This added great spark to my imagination as now I could begin to realize how powerful computing would get in the future.

As time went on, and Dad and I found more bells and whistles for the pet, we dabbled a little in basic programming and Dad really was able to develop some cool little applications in basic. At this same time my mom began work at corporate HQ at Hewlett Packard HP and as she witnessed my interest in computing, she would regularly invite me into HP to help run cards and sit in a cooled mainframe room. Aside from tagging along with my mom to HP at the age of 12 to watch over mainframes and even get in some green screen live chats between Colorado and Texas, it wasn’t until the very early 1980’s that Apple began to produce computers that became the early forefront of home computing.
To my knowledge, I think that I may have been one of the very first public school Computer Lab Assistants. Living and going to school on the same road as Apple physically, combined with Apples strategy to market through education systems, lent Kennedy Jr. High and the location I lived in as a place to plant the seeds of what Apple had prepared to do; roll their computing systems though the entire American educational system. From 1980-1981, in 7th grade  I may have been one of the first T.A.’s  at John F. Kennedy Junior High School in Cupertino California, about 2 miles from Apple Headquarters.
Throughout high school I began to break away from computing perhaps because it was the teen years and fast cars, chasing girls and having fun was MUCH more important than concentrating on my future. It wasn’t until I joined the U.S. Army in 1988 that my interest in computing again delved into deeper realms. While stationed in Grafenwoehr West Germany (home of state-of-the-art live, battle simulated and peacekeeping training for soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines.), I picked up a commodore 64 and then a 128 version and I was off unto new horizons! So excited by the 5 inch floppy a fellow soldier and I began programming and getting visually stimulating games running on the C-64 and C-128. It felt like the same feeling I picture the folks got back when the Wizard of Oz opened… that finally, after all those years, “Houston, We Have Color! Now we were off unto entirely new worlds!

I will do my best to write a little more as this writing seems to die off around 1985. Let me know if you would like to hear more: Please send feedback by clicking here

Learn some Graf/American History such as what the Beatles, Army, Graf & Heineken have in common :) Click Here

I have a passion for music as well and compose my own rhythms on guitar. This past year I wrote around 6 songs or so, it was a pretty creative year for me. I will be saving funds this year to try and get into a studio and produce a relaxation CD which should combine acoustic guitar, soft lyrics, perhaps winds and percussions. I have many of my songs recorded and at my website however the quality is poor. Feel free to listen to my songs in MP3 format here

It’s a little known fact but if you have heard of the band the Beatles, and one particular song they wrote called Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Club, well that club is actually the NCO club at Graf West Germany. It was a bar for wayward soldiers coming and going from and to missions. A watering hole where soldiers would get a drink, enjoy beautiful waitresses and have a decent evening. Click here to read in depth info on the facts behind the club and how the Beatles came up with the song. So, it is in the club that I met and eventually married my wife Sylvia Bruno. There was one problem though.

At the time, in 1989, the former Yugoslavia was still under communist control, and well Sylvia was from Yugoslavia. She was a very beautiful women and caught the eyes of all my fellow soldiers. I couldn’t help but notice as I brought her on post and eventually to a barbeque where she met my commander. Word soon got out that I was going to marry Sylvia, the communist, and before I knew it I found myself in front of the commander reporting. My commander said that if I were to marry her that he would kick me out of his Army. I thought wow, here I am in total love with this woman and this man is dictating my destiny. I felt that I was a necessity in the until being a top line shot as an expert marksman and packing the M-203 in the stealthiest of sections. I was small, fast and able to shoot and run like a madman. I thought that if the command could stand to lose me over a harmless relationship so be it, I was going to marry this woman.

It wasn’t but a few weeks later and we hit a red alert. Being in section  6, we always moved first and as usual I headed for the arms room. I ordered up my live ammo and weapons and we headed east to cut off any Czechoslovakian over flooding that might occur due to what was happening in Russia and East Germany. The next 6 weeks were nail biters and our missions went well. The Wall fell. Our section loved Pink Floyd the most as they influenced our march towards the end of the cold war which was my first primary mission while in the Army. Here’s a picture of my 6 foot 5 inch .60 gunner Shawn and I behind enemy lines in the east (http://www.scottbruno.com/images-wolfpack/uc_russia.jpg ) you can see me with a peace sign above the Russian soldiers head and Shawn’s hand readily inside his bag in case anything were to go down…. aaaah the wild days of the wall. So people began to feel democracy and the wave of freedom in Berlin. Once we headed back to base our unit was pressured not to take part in any “Wall” gatherings or celebrations and it was stated that no passes or leaves to the wall were going to be issued. Shawn, my brother in arms and M-60 Gunner and I found out that Pink Floyd was going to be playing live in Berlin and there was no way after fighting for two years and listening to them that were not going to witness this historical fete. 

Then on a that cold day in 1989 I think it was I found myself in Berlin, dancing to LIVE PINK FLOYD’S “eeeeeeeeew I need a dirty woman” with an 80 year old eastern block woman, atop the rubble of the wall we danced. At the end of the song we both shed a tear and walked our separate ways. That was perhaps one of the most poetic moments of the cold war for me. So many lives taken and lost in the cold war and the wall had finally come to an end and there we were with Pink Floyd playing “The Wall” live to finish it off, for ever more.

Thankfully we were never caught for going to Berlin though we took plenty of pictures and talked openly of it once home in Germany. We did our research before during and after as to assure a safe trip. And we brought Sylvia along due to her fluency in 5+ languages which came in handy throughout the mission. She also shed tears of joy seeing the wall come down and partook in hammering the wall feverishly with passion I didn’t think such a beautiful woman could have.

Once back at base it wasn’t but a few months later and I found myself in the opposing chair of intelligence officers who were going to revoke my clearance. They drilled me for hours upon hours concerning my relationship with Sylvia and even sent people into my neighborhood back home to research me. They got everything out of me. They just couldn’t settle for the truth of the matter that I was in love with an innocent woman and she was in love with an innocent man. A few weeks passed by and my clearance was revoked.

A few more weeks passed by and everyone watched Kuwait become overthrown by Saddam Hussein and the Iraq military. Being attached to 1st Armored Division and out of NATO, with the latest war fighting equipment, we were already feeling that we would be going in on this mission next. Sure enough, our command confirmed that we should take leave and enjoy time with loved ones as we would be leaving in December to another mission in South West Asia. I quickly made plans by proposing to Sylvia and we made a mad dash to Denmark to get married. Once back I wanted to insure that she had something very special to remember me by so we engaged in love and she became pregnant. Shortly there after I found myself again before the commander. This time the commander said, you are now going to be thrown out of my military. I told him and the other leadership that it would be their loss as I was a fine soldier, highly motivated and by excluding me from this mission they would lose morale from within the Wolfpack’s section 6. They didn’t seem to care and suggested that my clearance was revoked and I was going to be sent home out of the Army. not more than 3 days passed and there I found myself in front of the commanders again. This time they all had a different look on their faces. My commander stood up with a piece of paper in his hand and said, “soldier, we have re-instated your clearance, you are going to war with us”! I gave out a huge HOO-AHHH! and went flying out of the commanders office to tell my fellow section 6 buddies. :)

While serving in South West Asia I fought in Desert Storm on the frontal attack at the Battle of Medina Ridge. I earned 3 Bronze Service Stars and pending Presidential Citation. To this day I think I made my command proud and I was happy to have served with the mighty Wolfpack and its members, they shall all be remembered for ever. To see some of the pictures of these times you may click here.

I left the U.S. Army shortly after returning to Germany from the desert. Our next mission was to disperse to the former Yugoslavia and the last thing I wanted to do was to find myself fighting against my wife’s loved ones. It would have been a major conflict of interest. I left the U.S. Army under honorable conditions on 9/11/91.

In 1991 I began attending college at Merced where I majored in psychology. I also played tennis in the last two years for the sport at the college as the #1 player and in doing so won back to back all conference awards as well as lettering twice and MVP awards. If you are interested in learning more about my work in tennis you can click here.



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