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A letter to China – Spiritual Evolution

A letter to China

Listen, I am a decorated multi-war combat veteran of the US Army. I have enjoyed your English CCTV for years, I am perhaps one of your biggest fans. I want to commend Yang’s bold gathering of people on dialogue, I just wished I could have helped everyone understand what none of you understand. Allow for me to explain.

California does not war with Nevada, New York does not fight with New Jersey. Yet these are states separated by borders and filled with the worlds most diverse religions and races in the world. And they all LIVE under the same umbrella in Peace. Might we use this same umbrella for the world? Might a future time come when we, humanity, live in a United State of the World?

Enter our young, yet most noble American History

So we begin to spread our united states and WWI and WWII happen. As a result Western Europe is complete. Seeds are planted in the far east, unfortunately it would take nukes to pound Japan into peaceful submission, but we prevail and peace reigns in. One can measure the success of the US mission off of the moment the enemy nation gets a McDonalds. Following WWI and WWII it would  only be a matter of time before Munich had a McDonald’s, and France, and Italy, the UK, etc.

We take a break and then get back to work by planting a few more seeds in the far east, as a result we come away having won both southern territories, South Korea and South Vietnam. Soon, they will have a McDonalds.

Besides a few small side skirmishes like securing up the Panama Canal and Granada, we take a short break, and then the Berlin wall falls. I earned the Cold War Medal, I can not tell you how thankful I am for not having to fight the Russians. Still, it would only be a short while and Moscow would have her McDonalds. Eastern Europe was done, and without a fight Hallelujah!

Ramped up and roaring to go to the show we decide it is time to plant seeds in the middle east. Most the large nations there are done and friendly, Saudi, Egypt to name a few, and then Desert Shield – Desert Storm happen. I can tell you we pissed in the Tigris and Euphrates rivers when on the tip of the spear north they told us we couldn’t finish the job. Needless to say, we leave all our equipment there for later days and a future return.

Meanwhile back at home in NATO we realize just about the time they start drawing attention to themselves for their horrific acts, that it is time to complete all of Europe. To do this we would have to hit the nerve center that arguably helped create WWI and WWII, the place in Europe where the three main monotheist religions come together: Yugoslavia. As a result, the Yugoslav nation is split into 3 states, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. All three are peaceful today. And I ended up marrying a Croatian.
We’ve had a pretty good run, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, The final piece of Europe, so we take a short break. With unfinished business left in the middle east we gear up. Did I mention Sarajevo got a McDonald’s?

We go in with a staggered multi pronged approach and hit Iraq and Afghan (Oil and Opium are the side benefits). The losses are personal, the trauma is real, the sacrifices are so very noble, tears come to my eyes as I write this to you. Breathe. And a smile returns as I think, Baghdad already has a McDonalds, Afghanistan a KFC.

So we back off and look at the big picture now and ask ourselves, what’s next? China isn’t a threat primarily because these are a people who tend to place that which is within (Spirit) before that which is outside of themselves (Material). While America is the exact opposite. You don’t see China invading other nations and taking resources. Ah but you also were not aware of the true reasons behind our deep and noble sacrifices. France does not fight with Germany, the UK does not bomb Italy. Yet they are separated states having diverse peoples of diverse religions, and they all live under the same umbrella in peace. I really would like to think Mother Russia gets it, being they were smart enough to avoid conflict by tearing down the wall.

Africa is not a threat. But there is one last hold out in the middle east that must be done; Iran. Truth be known that the grand majority of the Iranian people wish to God that we would have visited them following our visit to Iraq. They in fact were willing to shed more blood than the Iraqi’s to get it done. Yet somehow the last of the last who wish to keep things in the dark ages and conduct a system of barbaric in equality holds out. We take the passive approach and sign a nuke agreement with Iran. Perhaps in the hopes that eventually the people of Iran may pull a Kaddafi on Assad.

So it’s done. The work and the blood, the sweat, the tears, the many, many tears, it is done. BUT, those of us who have walked this great path of noble sacrifice know damn well straight we will not let go of our investment and dear sacrifice, not until the world see’s it through in complete. We have invested more into the peace of this world than any other people to ever walk this planet. I will never forget this fact, neither should you.

And so we come to a time in which it is only a natural evolutionary step for us, humanity, to now go global; we must evolve into a worldly system, and we must do this in Peace. We must do this in line with our mother; nature. And quite arguably we must do this at a trying time when so to it appears that many of the prophesies within the 3 monotheistic sacred texts are coming to pass. We, humanity, may very well be on the cusp of the thousand years of peace Christ most notably spoke about. In fact, I know we are there.

So what will the so called, “New World Order” look like? Better yet, what SHOULD a New World Order look like? It should be called a New Order for the ages. But what should it look like? I can tell you this answer.

It should be a system based upon the best in class elements of each of humanities past systems of governance. Picture planet earth if you will, and around the planet is a blanket layer of socialism. What this would generally mean for people is that instead of you getting to choose from 12 billion different cars, you get to choose from 100 (America will struggle the most in this adjustment). On top of the foundational layer of socialism we sparingly sprinkle communism into some areas, perhaps manufacturing and production. Following the layer of Communism we have a thick layer of meritocracy. This simply means that instead of it being all about competing against one another, all people are driven to make that which they love to do, and are good at, their livelihood (Work). BTW, they say that the greatest gift one can ever give is their service to another.

On top of the Meritocracy layer we cap things off with a strong and resolute layer of democracy, that ensures the security of the peoples vote and the transparency of all governing leadership.

The only additional caveat to this new system is that governance must occur from the bottom up, not top down. This would perhaps even encourage like minded, hearted, and souled peoples to begin to migrate together. Joyful times.
The bottom line is that humanity, you and I, have come to a time in which we must all step outside our comfort zone. We must all begin to bare the fruits of what we’ve been taught by the great masters of truth that came before us. It is time for us to spiritually evolve. The need is for us all to now rise above the ways of our barbaric past, to even rise so far that the very need to lie need no longer be present, for lying will no longer serve a purpose. It shall have no place.

And to think, the ONLY thing holding us back from doing this are our choices. Our free will of choice is the only thing holding us back. And so I must remind you that your free will of choice makes up for your entire experience while here in the flesh. You have chosen everything along the way. Not just this but your free will of choice is the architect of your destiny. And now comes a time like no other that we all must begin to put our choices to true work. We must begin to choose from within our heart of hearts what is true and correct. This new global system must be true and correct to our closest, most inner genetics of love.

I hope and trust that this has been enlightening for you. More so I hope that humanity has the faith, the drive, and the perseverance to do this, and to do it right. There is a wrong way you know. Imagine it like this:

In the west we have a symbol that is of an eye, you can see it on any $1 dollar bill, its atop the pyramid. This is the all seeing eye of divinity. It is a western mantra to remind each of us that just like cameras today may be watching you, Gods eye is ALWAYS upon you. And so, there are two ways for the world to go. One way that places at the helm the all seeing eye of divinity, and God, all that is true and right. And the other, a system of surveillance, where a man and/or group in the flesh are that eye as they watch your every move and play God. False and Wrong.

What shall it be?

Love, Light and Power,


To Christ, and the love he gave in his sacrifice for us, to the Buddha, who brought us the light from up on high, and to the Power within your free will of choice.

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