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An open letter to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer – America state of affairs – Spiritual Evolution

An open letter to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer – America state of affairs

An open letter to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer

Wolf, my parents who have been married for over 50 years and are both 80 years old watch your show religiously. Whenever I hangout with them I ask them why they do this, and they have no answer. Do you know why this is Wolf? Because I have been able to clearly explain to them the pure truth of the matter. Now, I am going to share that pure truth with you Wolf.

911 created the, “terrorist”; A faceless, nameless, country less, enemy that we would never fully track down and put an end  to. So subtle and yet so popular, this new enemy known as the terrorist, could now even be your American neighbor. 911 established the eternal enemy and the endless war. Even so we don’t have to dig deep today to understand that many of the larger, “terrorist” organizations, Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL, were all created by our own cia and the accompanying false flag operations. You don’t believe in, ‘False flag operations’ you say? Jesse Ventura, who was a US governor and frogman/Navy SEAL has been quoted as saying, “every war and conflict I have ever fought in or that has taken place during my lifetime, was as a result of a false flag operation.” I am a decorated US Army combat veteran Wolf, and I fully back what Mr. Ventura said.

It doesn’t take but a little empathy to realize the whole cluster f%$# that we see before us. As a former soldier I can be empathetic to my enemy, after all if I can get into his shoes and know what he’s doing, thinking, etc. you get the picture. Let us not be sympathetic but let us be empathetic for a moment. Imagine being a soldier in ISIS. You have very little budget, you have hand me down weapons, you have a rank and structure that is barely able to stay together for a few weeks at a time, and then, then on top of all these issues, you have the enemy you are up against. The worlds strongest power, richest nation, most completely tooled military war machine to ever see the face of this planet. They can go anywhere, do anything, and do it in a moments notice. Not just this our enemy can wipe out a city of 100,000 people in just seconds time. Worst of all they aren’t even true warriors willing to come fight us like a true man and warrior, they rely on a strike system where one of their soldiers in a jet can strike our groups on the ground and annihilate a half division worth of soldiers in just seconds, and we never even get to take one shot at him. And that same enemy soldier will kill woman and children and will never even know that they did so, as their command will tell them that they, “minimize collateral damage” wherever possible. Ya? Well I joined Isis because I was the survivor of one of those, “minimized collateral damage” missions. My house was bombed by a US warplane and it ended up killing my brother, two sisters, my 1 year old daughter and my pregnant wife who I had only been married to for 2 years time.

Now who is the terrorist? Better yet, who is the biggest terrorist now?

Meanwhile America has shipped all her once sturdy brand of, “Made in America” to China, and we no longer make anything. So spoiled in comfort are we, that we need not tend to our crops anymore, and as a result we gave all our farm work to Mexico. Becoming lazier and more complacent each moment we then find we cannot buy any of the things china makes because we have no job to earn the money to do so, and though too lazy to tend to our own crops we have the gall to  whine about the border problem with Mexico.

So now it appears we have a nation who doesn’t think they have to work like the others, who expects others to do their dirty work and even nominal work for them, and who believes it is JUSTICE to create false flag operations that get us into war and conflict, the wars and conflicts that end up becoming America’s only true income generator. Think about it, the act of war and bloodshed is what funds our spoiled, lazy, complacent lifestyles. Wow. Really?

And now you might realize why it’s so challenging to feel proud about your nation. Only now can we as American’s really understand how important it is that we begin to reflect inward, so that we may grow as a nation to be capable of making good decisions as a nation, and so that as a nation, we stop this awful, toxic, hateful game of war and bloodshed that only goes to fund our combined sloth.

Now the beautiful thing that still holds true in America today is that Nevada does not fight with California, New Jersey does not war with New York, yet these are diverse races and religions all living under the same umbrella in peace. WOW! What a concept. Can you imagine applying that blanket coverage of peace and diversity across the entire planet? I can.

My Friends, America as we know it, must die a symbolic death. This way of life must die for us. The America we have come to know today must die so that we may birth a new America, the likes of which whom may even be capable of ushering in a United State of the World. Imagine that, Wolf. Imagine reporting on that, Wolf.

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