Relationship Manual? Power & Control or Equality?

I have always felt that it would have been nice to have some kind of manual or guideline that would help us understand how to have happy, healthy, and loving relations. In looking at the wheels below what is amazing is how many of the negative attributes we tend to pick up from others along the way. These become conditioned learned behaviors and often times one will go through their entire life never realizing it. Good news is that they can be unlearned. In fact, I have not been in an intimate relationship in well over 10 years. And the biggest reason as to why that is the case, is because I feel that I am 110% capable of providing a loved one with all the elements on the Equality Wheel, while insuring I offer none of the elements from the Power and Control Wheel. Problem is? I don’t think she exists. But if you know a fine lady that is up for the relational challenge of lifetime, have her call me.

Staggering fact: That if you have within your relationship 4 elements from separate pie areas within the Power and Control Wheel statistics show that your relationship will end with one or both parties in jail or deceased. Count how many of them you have in your relations, and have your significant other count how many they bring to the relations. Can be a fun exercise so long as both people are willing to work to get better.

Power and Control


Equality Wheel










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