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Impact This! – Spiritual Evolution

Impact This!

Complacency America, Complacency
Complacency America, Complacency


Let’s stop lying to ourselves, really. America is filled with greedy, selfish, shallow and deeply materialistic people. So centered on all that is outside themselves her population is too lazy to tend to their own fields, so they send farming to her southern sister Mexico (And whine about the border). Growing ever complacent her population decides to do away with the, “Made in U.S.A.” label and sends off all that she makes to her eastern friends, China. A short time later she found supporting other humans was to much a task sent her service & support mega industry (who DID actually pass the ESL class), to her brother India. Pheeeew, glad that’s all done! Neat! Ok, let’s sit down now and begin to assess the situation. Look at us. Loooooooook aaaaat UUUuuuuuss. We produce 0% and Consume 100%. Or damn close to that. What happened to us? Doesn’t this piss you off? are we so numb, so sensory overloaded, so deeply programmed that our balls are gone and we mine as well just dribble down into the toilet to be flushed? Is it over?

Old Order to New Order
From Old World, to New World.

The old order must crumble and make way for the new order. And yes, it appears to be a natural evolutionary step for humanity to go global now. But what will that look like? What will our one world look like? I’d venture to guess that the next legendary win in space exploration will not be the USA, Russia or china, no, it will be a win for us, a United States of the World. But again, what will it look like? Better yet, what should it look like!?


Toe the Line. Ready, get set, GO!
Ready, Get Set….

Draw a line. at the end of the line place this bit of knowledge you now have. Now follow with another line. ok, the first line represents the past 200 years of our pioneering, creating and sharing to help ourselves and the rest of the world evolve. From the invention of the light bulb, to electricity in houses, to the telephone, and of course the Car, plane and train, we are their creators! Think of all that we accomplished in the first line. Now, after thinking about the above message that was shared now start to tap into your creative abilities and begin to dream the next line. That first line is in stone, it’s done, well done. But the second line is blank. It awaits its creators, of history. It is time for us to get back to work my little America. Toe the line. It is time for us to dig deep and reinvent ourselves and make precedent our leadership in this brave, new, world order. Yep, I said it, I said, “New World Order”. What are you going to do about it? Will you even have an impact upon our new world? Impact this!

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