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The Perpetuation of War – Spiritual Evolution

The Perpetuation of War

opiate-dependence-280x198Have you noticed in the past few years how getting your doctor to prescribe pain killers for legitimate pain has become a more and more painful process? Some of you might have even experienced feeling like you were being criminalized when asking your doctor or medical staff for a refill? Let me tell you why this is happening.

If a patient has legitimate pain that is documented by their doctor they are usually prescribed an opiate pain killer such as codeine, Vicodin, norco, codone, or for high pain levels Oxycontin. The trend seems to be that a doctor will place a patient on these opiate based meds for some time but then later seems to be required to some how get you off of the pain killers even though the pain hasn’t changed. Many doctors claim that their senior staff have come down upon them urging them to lighten up on the opiate prescriptions and in doing so the patient is then required to taper off the pain meds or just quit cold turkey. Why is this?

If you notice on the written prescription you get from the doctor there’s what’s called a DEA number, which is a number issued by the Drug Enforcement Agency that is then monitored by the DEA. We have reason to believe that it is this agency that has been pressuring doctors for the past few years and in many cases even threatening the doctors with taking away their license to practice should they not lighten up on the opiate prescriptions. There are a multitude of cases now in which this heat has come down to the patient level and culminated in the patient leaving their doctor all together. The problem is that the patient will seek out another doctor and in a few months be in the same situation again. As this cycle perpetuates the patient gets to a point where they begin to seek out their medicine from other sources, including family, friends, accomplices and in many cases the streets. What a horrible thing you might say but it gets worse.

When a person spends money on the streets to get their pain killers do you know who they are funding? They are funding the cartels, the terrorists and the ISIS’s. As more and more heat comes down upon doctors by the DEA more and more patients are forced to look elsewhere and in the process, unbeknownst to the patient, they are now funding the very thing they are fighting. We have coined this process and cycle, “The Perpetuation of War”.

At this point it isn’t difficult to view this cycle as a funding model; of job security for those at the DEA, and in fact other agencies. One might even look at this cycle as being a major funding mechanism for the DEA and even other agencies as well. It is time to put a halt to such practices. If you get creative with this model you will begin to see that similar cycles are happening in other parts of our market. When its all added up one need no longer wonder as to why we do war whether it be the hugely unsuccessful, “War on Drugs” or the war in Afghan the picture becomes more clear that indeed we are perpetuating our own wars. Not just this but one can only imagine the position the doctors are in having been threatened by the DEA they aren’t going to do anything but cut the patient off in order to save their license to practice. And what does this say for the, “Care” you are supposed to be getting?

It seems the very things that were supposed to be protecting us are beginning to clearly take advantage of us. It is these such things that must be stopped. No one should have to feel criminalized or risk going to the streets if they have legitimately documented pain and need to manage that pain. No one who goes to a doctor for, “care” should ever have to feel these things. We must begin to seek out such cycles and models within our system and put an abrupt end to them.

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