Men must Right Men

ethicsDo you realize that before, “the Christ” can come that men must begin to right men? Do you realize how critical this is in our spiritual evolution? We are in a VERY special position, A position like none before. In ages gone past there was little if any warning of things to come, but in this processional age advancement we have been blessed with having the knowledge tree of past learning’s at our finger tips (the internet) which enables our foresight to see the future potential of our species. When you combine these facts with the fact that you have free will you begin to see that a blank canvas awaits our creation. Why is it so important that I must remind us that before the Christ can manifest in full that men must right men? Let me tell you why.

It has been for many ages in the past that humanity has had to cycle through deep, dark despair before attaining their grand advancement. This seems to be the way things occur at both a global level and at an individual level. It has been more times than not that during our critical times of advancement in the past that all hell would indeed have to be let loose before men would begin to right men. It was then and only then that the Christ would appear. You see, the two vital components needed in order for the Christ to manifest are, #1 Men come to a time when they have run out of solutions, are completely  warn out, and have exhausted all potential plans for a future solution, it is then soon after the Christ may come, and #2 Men must begin to right men. So as you can see it has been most times in our past that indeed this is the way things transpired, that men would make their attempts at saving humanity, fail, send the world spiraling downward to an eventual point where everyone stops, looks around, and sees the reality of their decisions and choices, and it is then that they realize that men should right men. This is when the Christ then appears.

But, because of our very special and unique position on this go around of age changes, we are in the very unique position of having foresight, or, the ability to see future outcomes based upon the knowledge we’ve collected. So instead of humanity having to face the stark, deep, dark abyss of despair this round, they instead may grow hungry for true knowledge and steadfast in their empowerment to Choose through free will, and in turn avoid the entire predicted despair in its totality.

What I am getting at here is that YOU, YOU MEN, YOU CAN CHOOSE TO RIGHT YOUR FELLOW MAN NOW, instead of after billions have perished and only a few remain. It is this choice, the CHOICE THAT MEN MAY RIGHT MEN, that will both invoke the coming of the Christ, and allow for humanity to avoid the despair.

I could not have been more clear on this subject until now. Do with it what thou wilt, but please, please choose wisely. How badly do you want to make heaven our home? The choice is Now!

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