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This is an article recently written by a once mainstream writer and analyst named David Degraw, who by way of this unprecedented article has given my life and purpose the long awaited confirmation of mission success. Thank you David Degraw, thank you. -13


This is the second adapted excerpt in a series from my new book, FREEDOM IN A TIME OF MENTAL SLAVERY. You can read the first here.


When I was reporting on economic issues and went deep into how much wealth there truly is, it was shocking. Shocking is an understatement. It was a mind blowing, reality shattering, worldview altering, and ultimately, a transformative, life-giving experience. I began to see how unnecessarily oppressive society is. Once you cut through the technocratic propaganda, peer through the illusion and understand economic reality, once you truly comprehend how much wealth there is, there is no turning back. That was the red pill that made me exit the matrix and realize the enslavement of the masses. That’s what made me fully realize my own enslavement.

I then began to intensely question how it is possible that there is such a stunning, unprecedented abundance of wealth, and at the same time so much economic stress, insecurity and poverty. As you will see, it clearly doesn’t have to be this way. The current economic system is counterproductive. It is doing much more to limit human potential than enhance it. Current conditions are not a natural or inevitable outcome of human relations, far from it. Make no mistake; there are psychological forces that are systematically enslaving us. As harsh and extreme as it may sound, we live in a time of mental slavery.

However, once you understand how the psychological enslavement processes work, you can transcend conditioned consciousness and free your mind. Once you comprehend the mental prison, once you vividly understand it in depth, you truly enter another dimension, a new paradigm, an evolved level of consciousness. I firmly believe that humanity will soon be freed from an illusion that has enslaved us for far too long. We have already made an evolutionary leap; we just need a critical mass of people to realize it now. The tipping point is near.

As far as I can see, at this point in evolution, the only way to have genuine personal freedom is to assist in freeing as many people as possible. Not to propagate any ideology, other than emancipation. Not to tell people what to think, just the opposite. To expose the system that tells us what to think and enforces a false reality upon us. To dismantle a system that extinguishes free will. Ultimately, this is in defense of free will, so you can decode the programming, so you can consciously counter conditioned consciousness and navigate the outer forces, focus within and align with your inner spirit.

At the end of the day, I’m an investigative reporter, reporting back what I have discovered. What you do with the information is up to you. All I can do is show you the prison and open the exit door; the rest is up to you. As a wise man once said, “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.”

You can consider this book a psychological underground railroad. It is an escape route, a map, a blueprint for personal psychological freedom in a time of mental slavery. We just need a critical mass to become consciously aware of the prison; from there evolution will flow. The human spirit will be unleashed. I know this sounds like over-the-top rhetoric. As you will see, it’s not. The evidence speaks for itself. Let’s begin by peering through the illusion to see how outrageously feudalistic and unnecessarily oppressive our economic system truly is…

Economic Realty: An Unprecedented Abundance of Wealth

In the United States, there is at least $100 trillion in wealth. $100 trillion is an unprecedented amount of wealth. The average person cannot even comprehend what is possible with such an astonishing magnitude of wealth. It is so far removed from historical precedent and our personal experience.

$1 trillion is $1000 billion, and we have $100 trillion in the United States alone. Let that sink in for a minute… $100 trillion written out it is: $100,000,000,000,000.00. Wrap your mind around that.

one-trillion-economic-reality-peer-through-illusion-david-degrawImagine how we could evolve society, for the benefit of everyone, with just a small fraction of $100 trillion. Seriously, think about it. Do some research for yourself. See for yourself what could be done with just 1% of $100 trillion. What could be done with $1000 billion? Let your mind run with it. We have 100 piles of $1000 billion. Imagine the possibilities.

Here we are, in a technologically advanced society, with at least $100 trillion in wealth… and what is the present economic reality for the overwhelming majority of Americans? After all, $100 trillion is enough to give 100 million families a million dollars each.

The present economic situation for the overwhelming majority is dire. In a time of unprecedented wealth, 75% of the population is presently living paycheck-to-paycheck. In a time of unprecedented wealth, we are the most indebted society in the history of civilization.

Due to advancements in technology, fewer workers are needed to provide goods and services. In the present US economy, there are only enough full-time jobs for half of the working-age population, and half of those jobs pay under $35k a year. The existing economy is only working for 25% of the population, and that percentage is decreasing. As wages stagnate, the cost of living continues to rise.

We are struggling to get by. On the surface, we do our best to give off the illusion of prosperity, to keep up appearances, which further enslaves us in debt. We are trapped in a vicious cycle; we toil in “quiet desperation.” We are stressed out just trying to make ends meet. Most of us live in deep denial and fear.

In a time of unprecedented wealth, we now have an all-time record-breaking number of people living in poverty. As economic inequality professor Paul Buchheit pointed out, in the past six years, while overall wealth has grown by 60%, the number of homeless children has also grown by 60%, and the number of children on food stamps has increased by 70%. In a time of unprecedented wealth, we now have full-time workers who need food stamps to survive, and conditions are getting more severe, the trends are getting worse.

Instead of advancements in technology, increased productivity and increased wealth being a very good thing for overall society, the richest 0.01% of the population has systematically taken the increase in wealth for themselves, robbing us of a life of economic security and freedom.

Just to be clear – when the truth about overall wealth is discussed, mainstream conditioned mental reflexes have built in dismissals – this is not about demonizing people just because they have money. If you are working hard and making people’s lives better, thank you. May you be blessed with an abundance of wealth, much respect to you. The problem, the breakdown is with people who gain personal wealth by engaging in corrupt and destructive behavior; people who enrich themselves by enslaving others; people who have rigged the economic and political system against hardworking people.

Those people, who are at most 0.01% of the population, operate from a fear-based ego perspective and are consumed by shortsighted greed. However, I don’t even want to demonize them. The fear-based ego and shortsighted greed are primitive traits leftover from human evolution that are now obsolete. The destructively rich are dinosaurs. The meteor has already hit. That state of consciousness will soon be irrelevant. Once a critical mass of people can understand the psychological enslavement processes, the disease of the fear-based ego and shortsighted greed will be eradicated. Most will see the light, adapt and evolve, as many currently are.

The bottom line: I’m not bringing up the $100 trillion in wealth to demonize anyone. I’m bringing it up to demonstrate how much wealth there is; to show you that there is an unprecedented abundance of wealth. Once you truly grasp how much wealth there is, it opens up and expands your consciousness. We can then begin to transcend the fear and scarcity-based consciousness that keeps us imprisoned. As you will see, there is no need for us to fight amongst each other. Once you transcend the mental prison, once you tap into this evolved level of consciousness, an abundance of wealth will inevitably be yours.

Fear and scarcity-based consciousness still exist because people are unaware of the paradigm shift in wealth creation that should have provided economic security and made life much more enjoyable for everyone well over a generation ago. The unprecedented abundance of wealth that is presently available has been systematically withheld from the public and omitted from mainstream consciousness. People are unaware of it because they have no conscious awareness of it in their daily experience.

Consider how the average person’s life has become more difficult while overall wealth dramatically increased. The average family only needed one full-time worker to afford the costs of living 40 years ago. That one worker making a median wage could afford a house, a car, health insurance and all the other necessities of life for their entire family. They could also afford to retire by age 65 and pay for their children’s education. One full-time worker, making the median wage was able to support the entire family and live a healthy life.

Now, with production and profits exponentially higher than back then, a full-time worker making the median wage cannot support a family. With the current median wage and cost of living, both parents will have to work full-time to even have a chance to cover basic necessities, and they will run up serious debt in the process. Their retirement savings will not be nearly enough to retire younger than 75, if at all, and their children are now taking on record-breaking debt in loans for their education. That incredibly overpriced education most often lands them in a low-paying job, which doesn’t utilize the knowledge that they acquired through their education. They are now locked into a lifetime of debt slavery, with ever-increasing costs of living and ever-increasing debt, and ever-decreasing opportunities for sufficient compensation.

This is the present economic reality for the majority of the population, in a technologically advanced society that has at least $100 trillion in wealth. Just when the necessities of life should have become easy to have, they have become harder to obtain. Based on the standards set in the 1950s – ‘70s, if the present median wage had kept pace with overall income growth, one family member could now work part-time and afford the costs of basic necessities for their entire family. The corruption of our political system has destroyed that reality.

The current annual median wage is only $28k. If minimum wage had kept pace with overall income growth since 1968, the minimum wage would now be $22 an hour, which means a full-time minimum wage worker would now be making $45k a year. Only 15% of the population currently has an annual income higher than $45k. In other words, only 15% of the population currently has an annual income higher than a minimum wage worker had in 1968. That shows you how mentally enslaved society has become.

Our communities and families are being unnecessarily torn apart because the majority of the population can no longer afford basic necessities without taking on severe debt. The toll this takes on people, on families and on society is devastating. We are rat racing toward ruin… economically, emotionally, psychologically, environmentally and spiritually.

The bottom line: in a technologically advanced society with $100 trillion in wealth, it is a crime against humanity to have these conditions. We are driven into severe debt by medical bills, by the cost of education, by the cost of housing, by the cost of the necessities of life. Past generations, when wealth and production were exponentially less than they are today, were able to afford all the necessities of life, and save enough money for retirement. The economic system is now rigged against hardworking people.

The political system has been overrun by corruption. We are forced to pay taxes into an incredibly corrupt tax system. Instead of our tax dollars being used to enhance our communities and benefit overall society, our tax money is used for war, bailouts and many other destructive programs that further enslave us. We are now forced to pay for our own enslavement.

Death & Taxes

How insane is it that we spend half of all of our tax dollars on the military? Trillions of dollars are spent to take on farmers and poor people who live in the desert. Private military companies are running a racket that is draining resources away from programs that could uplift and evolve society. They then use their obscene war profits to fund and arm the poor people that they then bomb. People who have had their neighborhood and home bombed then resort to terrorism out of desperation. If people dropped bombs on your family, and you were left in the rubble, and the bombs were still falling, and you were given weapons, how would you react?

Aristocratic Paradigm
The Aristocratic Paradigm

Violence begets violence. How often do we need to learn that lesson? The military industrial complex is another example of absolute insanity, which demonstrates how enslaved we are by shortsighted greed and the fear-based ego.

Leaders from five-star General Dwight Eisenhower to Martin Luther King Jr., even perceptive journalists living inside of military states like George Orwell, all sane and wise people point out the tremendous amount of wealth that is squandered by war profiteering and military spending. Eisenhower said that every dollar spent on the military was a dollar not spent on education, healthcare and programs of social uplift. He said that military spending redirected the focus and genius of our scientists away from evolution to the machinery of death. Martin Luther King Jr. called it spiritual bankruptcy. As long as we focus our wealth on military spending, we will inevitably get war and terrorism as a byproduct.

To paraphrase Guy Debord, a totalitarian government ‘constructs its own inconceivable foe, terrorism. Its wish is to be judged by its enemies rather than by its results. Compared to terrorism, everything else seems acceptable, or in any case more rational and democratic.’

Here are several prophetic statements on the War on Terror from George Orwell: “The war is not meant to be won. It is meant to be continuous…. In principle, the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation. The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects, and its object is not victory… but to keep the very structure of society intact…. The essential act of war is destruction, not necessarily of human lives, but of the products of human labor. War is a way of shattering to pieces, or pouring into the stratosphere, or sinking in the depths of the sea, materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable, and hence, in the long run, too intelligent…. The war, therefore, if we judge it by the standards of previous wars, is merely an imposture…. It helps to preserve the special mental atmosphere that a hierarchical society needs. War, it will be seen, is now a purely internal affair.”

The United States now spends $1 trillion a year on national “security.” For just 20% of that, we could end hunger and poverty globally. If we devoted 20% of the military budget to eliminating global hunger and poverty, we would still be spending more than twice as much on the military than any other country. If we devoted 20% of the so-called “defense” budget to the best defense there is – ending global hunger and poverty – we would still be spending more on the military than the combined military spending of Russia, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Germany, Japan and India.

Beyond military spending, for just 10% of the largest 500 corporations’ annual profits, we could end hunger and poverty globally. War, poverty, hunger and environmental destruction are all man-made, and at this point in evolution they can all be eradicated. They are the byproducts of the old aristocratic paradigm. They are byproducts of the fear-based ego and shortsighted greed. In reality, we are now witnessing economic genocide.

For all the problems that we are confronted by there are existing viable solutions. We need to stop “looking forward through the rearview mirror” and a highly distorted mainstream media propaganda system. Now is not the past. We live in a technologically advanced society with tremendous wealth. We have already made an evolutionary leap; it’s just that the aristocracy doesn’t want you to know.

Clearly, the elimination of poverty is not an idealistic utopian dream. That’s what the propagandists who uphold the status quo on behalf of the aristocracy want us to think. The truth is, poverty is obsolete. It’s been obsolete since the 1940s, when President Franklin Roosevelt wanted to enact the Economic Bill of Rights. Even President Nixon, of all people, wanted to implement a basic income program. He proposed it because it was obvious that poverty was obsolete by the late 1960s. Not so obvious anymore though, is it? Now that propaganda dominates mass consciousness.

We live in a society that imposes debt and poverty through economic and psychological force. In today’s society, if you are not born into a wealthy family, you are born into bondage. Just as wise people of the past understood that there were necessary preconditions for freedom and inalienable human rights, we must understand those preconditions and rights in context of our modern technologically advanced society.

As a wise person once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Therefore, for those of us who seek freedom, if we are to truly be free and remain free, in an evolved sense, we must see to it that economic tyranny and systematic psychological oppression are overcome.

Freedom In A Time of Mental Slavery, by David DeGrawSelf-realization leads to oneness. The more individual the mind becomes, the more evolved the mind becomes. The more evolved the mind becomes, the more unified we all become. True individuality inevitably leads to unity. On the surface, that may sound paradoxical. In deed, most deep truths are. As the enlightened individual understands, we are interdependent. In the grand scheme of things, we are entangled particles. My freedom is your freedom; your freedom is my freedom. To the extent that we deny this, we deny our own personal freedom. To be truly empowered, you must empower others. It creates a positive feedback loop. Love and compassion will set us free. You can roll your eyes if you want, but it is true, and deep down, below the flood of fear-based conditioning, you know it.

At this point in evolution, there is no reason for poverty to exist. In fact, it costs society more to have poverty than it would cost to eliminate it. By that, I mean the increased costs in health care, crime, prisons, armed conflict, government bureaucracy, administrative costs, etc.. In other words, it costs society more to deal with the consequences and negative effects of poverty, than it would cost to eliminate poverty. That is yet another example of the shortsighted insanity of the current system.

There is only one reason why poverty still exists. It’s the threat that keeps the masses in line. It keeps people enslaved and serving the aristocracy. Remove the threat and fear of poverty, and the system of mental slavery begins to unravel.

As Orwell put it, “an all-round increase in wealth threatened the destruction of a hierarchical society…. For if leisure and security were enjoyed by all alike, the great mass of human beings who are normally stupefied by poverty would become literate and would learn to think for themselves; and when once they had done this, they would sooner or later realize that the privileged minority had no function, and they would sweep it away. In the long run, a hierarchical society was only possible on a basis of poverty and ignorance.”

Rudolf Rocker had it right: “The liberation of man from economic exploitation and from intellectual, social and political oppression… is the first prerequisite for the evolution of a higher social culture and a new humanity…. Only freedom can inspire men to great things and bring about intellectual and social transformations. The art of ruling men has never been the art of educating and inspiring them to a new shaping of their lives. Dreary compulsion has at its command only lifeless drill, which smothers any vital initiative at its birth and brings forth only subjects, not free men. Freedom is the very essence of life, the impelling force in all intellectual and social development, the creator of every new outlook for the future of mankind.”

The Aristocratic Paradigm

How hierarchical and feudalistic is our society?

Due to corruption, wealth and power have become consolidated to the point where the richest 400 Americans now have as much wealth as 200 million Americans. When measuring freedom in any society, as famed American sociologist and psychologist John Dewey put it, “There is no such thing as the liberty or effective power of an individual, group or class, except in relation to the liberties and effective powers of other individuals, groups or classes.”

A society with inequality this severe is highly unstable and will eventually destroy itself. The aristocracy knows that. That’s one of the reasons why we are seeing the militarization of local police forces, especially in cities with high poverty rates. It’s also why billions of tax dollars have been diverted from public housing programs and have been redirected into building prisons. Laws that criminalize poverty are quickly spreading throughout the country. The United States already has the largest prison population in the world. On a per capita basis, the US is now much worse than the darkest days of the Soviet gulags.

Over 70% of the prison population is “non-violent offenders with no history of violence.” Beyond mental slavery, physical slavery still exists. In fact, prison labor is now a booming multi-billion dollar annual business. According to the US Bureau of Criminal Statistics, there are more “African-American men under state and federal criminal justice supervision” than there were slaves in 1850. In fact, there are twice as many now as there were in 1850.

The growth rate for private for-profit prisons has been shocking, “between 1990 and 2010 the number of privately operated prisons in the U.S. increased 1600%.” The shortsightedness of this system and the vicious cycle of crime and punishment it creates within society have been clearly demonstrated. For instance, “All 17 states that cut their imprisonment rates over the past decade also experienced a decline in crime rates.” The prison system is another byproduct of the fear-based ego and shortsighted greed.

The aristocracy now dominates our legal and political system. In a nation of 318 million people, there are only two dominant political parties, and the same interests fund both parties. The judicial and political system has been rigged to a point where you now need incredible sums of money to get elected. You have to bow to the aristocracy to get elected. A scientific study by Princeton University proved that aristocratic wealth rules the United States, not “the people.” As they put it, “Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence.” The financial, legal, military, prison, media and political systems are dominated by one-hundredth of one percent of the population, at most. They are the modern day feudal lords. Political office is now merely a stepping-stone to get accepted into the aristocracy.

march_of_tyrannyIn a nation of 318 million people with instantaneous worldwide communication, there are only 5 interconnected media companies that dominate the overwhelming majority of what we see and hear. As we will analyze in detail, these media companies are focused on psychological operations designed to keep the masses distracted, ignorant and mentally enslaved, while the aristocracy consolidates wealth and power in unprecedented fashion.

Now, let’s expand our consciousness wider. On a global level, with an overall population size of 7 billion people, a mere 147 interconnected corporations dominate the global economy, primarily the companies that are in the Business Roundtable. The richest 1% of the global population now has 48% of all wealth. As insane as that is, the world’s richest 80 people now have as much wealth as 3.5 billion people. 80 people have as much wealth as half of humanity. How stable and sustainable is a situation like this?

Shortsighted greed inevitably leads to violence. The destructively rich are digging their own graves. You shall reap what you sow. You get what you give. Use your wealth to free and empower people before it’s too late. Do you really want to be on the wrong side of history? What do you want your legacy to be? The clock is ticking.

To achieve such obscene personal wealth through destructive behavior requires a pathological commitment to your own enslavement. When courageous people do what they can to hold the destructively rich accountable, in the grand scheme of things, they are actually helping the people they protest against. They act as a check and balance; they are showing the destructively rich how they went off course.

Instead of using wealth and power for destructive purposes, to enslave people and take life, use your wealth to give life and empower people. Love and compassion will set you free. It is the path to freedom. We can free ourselves by freeing others. That’s how we can fill that void in our soul, that’s the salvation that we yearn for.

Our Hidden Wealth

It is important to point out that 80 people now have as much wealth as 3.5 billion people without factoring in hidden wealth. When you factor in hidden wealth estimates, the richest 1% now has significantly more wealth than the other 99% of humanity.

Economic statistics on overall wealth and inequality from the government, mainstream economic reporting and so-called “credible” economists, as shocking as those statistics are, they do not account for trillions of dollars in hidden wealth. Those sources all ignore a major aspect of what is the greatest theft of wealth in human history. Mainstream economic statistics are fraudulent. The reality of wealth inequality is much more severe than what is reported and commonly understood. It is worse than it has ever been; it is much worse than it was in the 1920s.

In the past, I’ve been pressured to use conservative numbers in my research because factoring in hidden wealth estimates make the real numbers look unbelievable compared to the mainstream numbers that just ignore trillions of dollars. Even on the rare occasions when economists attempt to factor in hidden wealth, they still use conservative estimates from just the more well-known and oldest methods of hiding wealth.

There is an estimated $32 trillion hidden offshore and at least $1.5 quadrillion in notional value in secret unregulated derivatives and the shadow banking system. The fact that the government conveniently does not know what is going on inside this secret market is all a sane and rational person needs to know to understand how utterly corrupt and completely illegitimate the economic and political system is.

hiddenwealth11This secret market experienced a slight disruption and caused the last financial crisis – the financial crisis that’s still ongoing for those of us in the real economy, for those us in the slave economy. The stock market is now so loaded with fraud that it’s at an all-time high, which isn’t surprising, considering that they threw around $30 trillion or so in the so-called bailout. The stock market is now fully removed from economic sanity, from our economic reality.

Let’s also mention the $4 trillion that the Federal Reserve recently created out of thin air through their “Quantitative Easing” program, to pump into the stock market, to give to their “primary dealers” and insiders on Wall Street, so they could keep their scam going. At least 99% of the US population does not know what Quantitative Easing is, yet another example of how mentally enslaved society is.

When they give economic policy names like “Quantitative Easing,” it shows you how they use obtuse jargon and propaganda to disguise the greatest theft of wealth in human history. The $4 trillion that the Federal Reserve created in just this one program is enough to give every single non-millionaire US household $40,000 each. Again, that’s just one small aspect of the greatest theft of wealth in human history.

Next time you hear people saying that we don’t have enough money to solve societal problems, think about this… when the aristocracy was about to lose their money, when the global economy was exposed as a fraud, when the pyramid scheme was blatantly exposed, the powers that be at the Federal Reserve quickly created tens of trillions of dollars out of thin air. They just created trillions of dollars and gave it to themselves so they could keep the pyramid scheme going.

The very people who caused the crisis by participating in trillions of dollars of fraudulent activity, doubled down on the fraud and then rewarded themselves with year after year of all-time record-breaking bonuses. The fact that they were able to pull this off shows you how mentally enslaved society is. People are so trapped inside a fear-based illusion. They are so locked into the fear frequency that they can’t even take the time to comprehend the scale of the corruption and deception that keeps them unnecessarily enslaved. It is so tragic, far beyond Shakespearean proportions. It is a crime against humanity.

To paraphrase a wise man who once fought for freedom from aristocratic rule, ‘The depravity and amount of suffering required for the accumulation of such a staggering magnitude of wealth, in the hands of a few, is kept out of the mass media, and it is not easy to make people understand this.’ Especially when we have an all-encompassing propaganda system.

As Gore Vidal put it in The Great Unmentionable, “We are like people born in a cage and unable to visualize any world beyond our familiar bars…. That opinion the few create in order to control the many has seen to it that we are kept in permanent ignorance of our actual estate.” We are now beginning to become aware of the estate, the mountain of wealth. We are now beginning to become aware of the unprecedented abundance of wealth; an astonishing magnitude of wealth that is so stunning, the enslaved cannot even comprehend it, let alone have an awareness of its existence.

Just think about the mind blowing, reality shattering, worldview altering, and ultimately transformative, life-giving $100 trillion, in the US alone, for yourself. Let your mind run with it. Think of all the things that could be done with just 1% of that wealth. That’s $1000 billion. We have 100 piles of $1000 billion. Imagine the possibilities. Swallow the red pill. This is just the beginning. We will see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Becoming aware of the unprecedented abundance of wealth, and how just a fraction of that wealth can be used to evolve society for the benefit of all, is the first step. It begins to open up and expand our consciousness. We will now begin to question things that we have taken for granted for far too long.

How is it possible that there is an unprecedented abundance of wealth, yet the overwhelming majority of people are struggling to get by? How is it possible that we live in a technologically advanced society with $100 trillion in wealth, yet we are stressed out just trying to make ends meet?

How is it possible?

The unmentionable truth is that the masses are mentally enslaved. We are mentally enslaved. We are taught, from birth, that we are free and live in a democratic society. However, in reality, that is pure propaganda. Mainstream reality is an illusion that keeps us imprisoned. Our reality is the cage that the powerful have programmed us into.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Once you can see the prison, you can transcend it. An unprecedented abundance of wealth is within reach. Let’s dismantle the illusion and evolve humanity. Let’s hack into mainstream reality and deconstruct the code. Let’s analyze the psychological enslavement processes that condition and contract mass consciousness....

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