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No one who practices lying comes into Heaven. – Spiritual Evolution

No one who practices lying comes into Heaven.

†. Rev 21:27 . . No one who practices lying, shall ever come into the holy city, the new Jerusalem.

One of the more common forms of dishonesty is dissembling, which can be defined as concealing your true feelings by deliberately giving people the impression that you feel some other way.

Here’s some additional forms of dishonesty.

White lies
Half truths
Making promises with no intention of keeping them
Feigning innocence
Falsifying information
Putting up a front
Misleading information
Deliberate omission of pertinent facts
Semantic double speak

If we can go by the Beatitudes, then we can safely assume that the heaven depicted in the 21st chapter will be a place of peace and kindness; which means there will be no cruelty of any kind; for example malicious gossip, demeaning comments, thoughtless remarks, name-calling, toxic rejoinders, discourtesy, chafing, quarrelling, bickering, mockery, relentless ridicule, fault-finding, spite, carping, bullying, intimidation, wiseacre retorts, needling, taunting, biting sarcasm, petty ill will, yelling, ugly insinuations, cold-shouldering, calculated insults, snobbery, elitism, arrogance, subterfuge, antisocial behaviors, sociopaths, crime, war, despotism, oppression, injustice, human rights abuses, character assassination, etc, etc, et al, and ad nauseam.

The heaven depicted in the 21st chapter of Revelation is also a place of sexual purity.

Simply put, the key to mastering this life here is accomplished through walking the Jesus walk. By using ones free will of choice and choosing to walk as Christ did. When one is so empowered that they spend a decent amount of time walking as Christ did they eventually come to a point of advancement in which they may realize that even Sin, is but a choice. This is the precise moment that the second coming occurs, as Christ melts away and into you and you into him and as a result there is only left the direct pristine connection to the creator. Just you and him, the way it is supposed to be, without any middle man, without any cult like model, just you and him. This is what our father wants from you. This is also the ticket to finally becoming anointed to the level in which you shall come to perform miracles even greater than he.

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