Pathway to Ascension

AscensionThis is the latest revelation concerning the Pathway to Ascension, that being how one brings full harmony with the God Source. While this next version includes a few additional elements and offers them with some additional details, the writing must still be added to, subtracted from, and made more simplified in good time. So for now I am going to just post the Pathway as the next revision came to me while on a very popular interfaith forum. Every single believer on that forum, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and Christians alike, they all agreed that this seemed to by the unified pathway by which all beliefs could work. Even the representative for the atheists said that the pathway was more than acceptable. Without further a do here is the post:


Devils Ad, I absolutely love your challenge and thank you. Instead of my attempting to convince you of a timeline and procession of the ages I believe we should focus upon answering your paramount question: “Why should we believe you?” I love it. So let me answer.

You should believe me because many of these things are being communicated to me by the source that created all that we know. But I realize you cannot just take some strangers word for it, you need some form of real proof, and I agree. So in order for you to believe what I am saying is true, you must make the same connection to the source that I have made, and the only way you are going to do that is if you execute the same process and then begin up the ascended path as I have. Then you will come into union with the source and in realizing that what I am saying is true.

I am going to provide you with a fool proof approach to helping you understand that what I am saying is true. This approach calls for a life path change in many cases, and a life path change that can be very challenging under the current system of democracy. After all, we assign our highest office (President) with the best lawyer, and the best lawyer happens to be the best liar. As such you might imagine that a life path of pure truth could be difficult to maintain under a system that rewards the highest impure truth. Needless to say what I am going to share with you is bullet proof because I will provide you with the ability to gauge truth based upon your own inner self of all knowing, then I will provide you with the basic pathway to follow. That way should at any time you question the pathway, you may simply look to your inner self for the answer and truth to that question. So let’s get started.

There is a thing called the, “Gut feeling” and if you notice, it is never wrong. Well, the “Gut Feeling” is just a small peak into the, “truth within” which is your connection to divine, pure, truth. This explains why it is always right. It is only when one doesn’t act upon that gut truth immediately after it happens that things go wrong. It is when we begin to place our own creative spin on that gut feeling that we then lose the original source of truth, and the truth becomes blurred or buried. To become better at always being aligned with your inner gut of pure truth pay more attention to the gut feeling inside of you, and act upon it before you have time to place your own creativity upon it. With practice it will eventually become second nature that you are in tune with your inner gut feeling, and this will enable you to begin to flow in a state of pure truth. Over time this gut feeling of yours becomes your main personal assistant to life’s questions of whether things are true or false. The gut feeling and truth of things must become your guiding light, and security system.

There are just four basic laws to this pathway. They are perhaps the most personally challenging steps that you will ever face during this lifetime. Trust when I say that things get much, much easier once step one is complete. Here are the steps upon the ascended pathway.

1. Cleanse (Baptism) Go back and rebuild any bridges you have burned in this lifetime, and ask for forgiveness of those that you may have wronged in the past. You must ask for forgiveness from all who you wronged. Then you must forgive yourself. Understand that so long as you are genuine in asking for forgiveness, that even if that person refuses to forgive you it is ok. The very action of genuinely asking another for forgiveness is also the very action that enables a person to forgive themselves; by asking for forgiveness you free yourself from having to carry the issue forward anymore. Our goal is to cleanse you by freeing you from any residual leftovers or lingering issues that you have not brought closure to. One must have a clean slate on the pathway to ascension.

2. Pure Truth – One must choose to have an undying hunger for pure truth, and not just, “your truth”, but universal truths that apply to everyone. Wherever you see the truth veiled, blocked and/or unclear, you must make clear. Where ever you are sensing lies, you must unveil the truth. Be intelligent in your hunt, be most hungry for pure truth.

3. Empower thyself – One must recall the incredible power they have by way of their free will of choice. There is nothing you have not chosen in your life in the past 24 hours, week, month or ever (providing you aren’t in jail, prison or the military). Everything had a choice, and you chose one way or another. Realize that your choices are the very architect of your destiny and your experience. Stop for a moment right now and look around where you are sitting at this moment, gaze around you, look at where you are at. Now, remind yourself that you chose it all, to be there, to be sitting, to be where you are, all was a choice. Become empowered by and with your free will of choice. With practice you will come to eventually realize that even sin, is a choice. Your choices are the director of your life’s movie.

4. Moral Goodness – One must be morally good in their actions. Often this requires that one relearn how to live life by slowing down to question what it is they are doing. Early on in this pathway it may mean that you must slow down at every single move you make, so to insure you are acting in good morals upon your path. With time and practice you will no longer even have to think about it as you climb higher in your pathway of moral goodness. Choose to be moral, choose to be good.

Follow the process I have outlined and you will begin to synchronize with the source that has created all that we know. And as you climb this ascended pathway be watchful, as miraculous experiences will begin to unfold, the likes of which you may have never dreamt possible. It is upon this pathway that one comes into tune with the one and only source and creator of all that we know. Being in such sync with the source then reveals the greater aspect of creation. When you can sustain a good period of time in this state of empowerment, truth and goodness, the sources creation will begin to stream through you in real time. It is here when the source begins to reveal the most intimate details about creation. It is here that I have found what I have warned you about.

Now you need not trust me, you simply must trust yourself. Get to know yourself a little better, and through this process get to truly know the source of all creation.

“Houston, prepare to launch.”

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