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The Ascended Pathway – Spiritual Evolution

The Ascended Pathway


The Ascended PathwayI have some good news, no, actually I have some incredible news! Are you sitting down? Let me begin by saying thank you to all those who have had an undying commitment to what you knew was right all along. If it weren’t for people like you in the flesh, none of this would have ever been possible. So know that your works will not go down in vain, rather they shall be rewarded with eternal life. In a few words I can tell you this: The Ascended Pathway for humanity to attain Heaven Upon earth has BEEN REVEALED! Without delay here it is:

(The way in which humanity shall reach Kingdom Come)

So you say that you wish to get closer to God? Do you feel like you should have a clear and strong relationship with God and that if you put the time into it you should clearly notice the payoff for your energy focus and works? I have good news. The proper and true pathway has been revealed. For many, many years a good many angels and souls in the flesh have been hard at work preparing to offer a true and clear pathway to heaven for humanity. The culmination of these combined forces have now gotten to a point whereby their divine works may be revealed in full. A new pathway has been revealed that guarantees you undeniable proof of your connection with our father, and the pathway of Ascension that shall lead us to heaven.

Here are some basic facts about the ascended pathway:

The Ascended Pathway is in direct line with all known past and present so called good religions.

The Ascended pathway will give you a personal relationship with god that will be obvious and measurable.

You will know that this is the true pathway by your observable connection to the creator, and through the measurement of your connection based upon your actions.

Simply put, This pathway is different than all prior pathways, and it is the only pathway revealed to date that will enable humanity to attain  heaven while still in the flesh.

The Ascended Path will lead to Kingdom Come, that is to say that when enough people in this world have begun to take this pathway that the Kingdom of Heaven will Come to earth.

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges for humans and faith is that they have inherently placed their focus and energies upon a logos, or middleman, the false image of Christ that the church created, or even a fearless leader of a group or cult. Humanity has for the most part been focusing their energies upon that which outside themselves and this has been the fatal mistake that has blocked us from attaining much higher levels of being. In placing our focus and energies upon a 3rd party our energies are spent and kept with that 3rd party. What’s worst is that your energies and works often never even make it to the creator because of this problem. In the case of a cult leader you will see the energy and investment flowing to the leader. In the case of the church you will see the energy and money flowing to the church and its leadership. This is what has made the Vatican the richest entity on the planet today. Inevitably whatever is the object between you and God will absorb the energies you place into it, therefore a direct connection to the master is both needed and necessary. On the Ascended path there is no logos, or middleman, or church. It is a direct, observable and measurable connection to the father. Your connection to the father is measured by your level of Actions that are in tune with his creation. And being in the 3rd dimension of material that means that your connection with the father is based upon your actions with the material, this means both live and seemingly dead material.

So it is not that you must, “Believe” in Christ, rather you must DO in Christ. And the more that you, “DO” in Christ the stronger your connection becomes with the father,  and likewise the stronger the connection you attain with the father the greater the secrets of creation are revealed.

What is The Ascended Pathway, and how do I get there?
It is quite simple. The ascended pathway is a 3 step process at its most basic level, and it goes like this:

1. Baptism/Cleanse

2. Pure Universal Truth

3. Golden/Morals/FreeWill/Choice

Just as in the case of many past religions that have symbolic methods of baptism the one thing that stands clear and in common is that they all have the intent to cleanse. In the baptism of the Ascended Way it is no different, only this baptism is an actual physical process. In order to succeed up the Ascended pathway it is essential that you begin with a clean slate. In order to achieve this you are being asked to rebuild the bridges you have burned in your past, and to physically go back to revisit ALL the people and places that you have wronged during your lifetime. And so long as you are genuine in your intent of asking for forgiveness than it does not matter if the person does not forgive you. It is through your genuine intent and care for asking for forgiveness that you are forgiven. Once you have completed this mission then and ONLY then may you forgive yourself. It is then and ONLY then that your slate is clean and you can begin to engage the Ascended pathway.

The most fundamental law of the Ascended Pathway is that you must have an undying hunger for truth. Not just your truth, but universal truth that applies to everybody. It is this hunger for truth that shall inevitably set you free.

As you begin up the ascended pathway you must constantly remind yourself of how empowered and powerful you are by your having Free Will of Choice. You must begin to realize that it is your free will of choice that makes up your entire experience here in life and that your free will of Choice is ultimately the architect of your destiny. As you are constantly reminding yourself of this fact you then must begin to choose moral goodness in all your actions. Morally good acts are those which are in line with the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. So in a nutshell the ascended pathway requires that one make good all their past wrongdoings by going back to mend relations through genuinely asking for forgiveness. With a clean slate one then begins to form mantras (or statements that they may repeat to themselves over and over throughout the day) to remind themselves that they must own a hunger for pure universal truth. And that pure truth does not mean, “Their Truth” but means universal truths that are true to all people. Then they must form further mantras that remind them to be morally good in all their actions, that their actions must be in line with the Golden rule whereby you do to others as you wish them to do to you. As a your life begins to align with our father and you draw a more closer connection with the creator you will begin to encounter certain synchronicities and revelations of truth. The deeper you are able to keep your pathway and actions clean from any filth the deeper the trust the father will have in you due to your actions being in line with his creation, and the stronger this connection becomes the deeper the secrets of creation become revealed.

When the greater majority of the world becomes aware of this ascended pathway and are living it, the Kingdom of heaven will the be just around the corner. Once a certain amount of people on the planet are living their lives in line with the ascended pathway there will come a point in which the Kingdom of Heaven will come to Earth.

For this I promise you.

Love, Light and Power,


NOTES: I am currently seeking people and groups who may be willing to take the Ascended Pathway and implement it into their lives and be willing to report back with their progress, experiences and challenges. This does not require your physical presence but does require you to be able to report your findings online through a web browser. If you or someone you know may be interested in assisting me please have them contact  directly at:

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