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So you say you don’t want a New World Order? – Spiritual Evolution

So you say you don’t want a New World Order?

 New World Order So you say you don’t want a New World Order? So this would suggest that you are fine and dandy with the world the way it is. What type of vision comes to mind when I say these words, “New World Order”? Do you see visions of a planet policed by UN blue helmets, where everyone’s privacy is stripped, where there is only one type and color of car and life is a cookie cutter experience for all of us? Perhaps the more important question is in asking oneself who put these visions of a New World Order into our heads? And what if we begin to think along the lines of creating a New World Order of global unity, of, by and for the people. A system of total and utter equality, whereby there no longer exists the trillionaire family blood line, where there is no ludicrously rich or hungry and homeless poor? Can you imagine? In order to do this we must first recognize that we DO want change, no, we want great change. And in order to embrace great change we must first let the old ways die. To do this and, “get there” from here on out I would like to ask that we refer to our current world and systems of today as the Old World Order (OWO). Now with that said, we may now recognize that the Old World Order that we’ve come to know must die.
With that all clear now what might our New World Order look like? What might our systems be like and what other important elements should we be securing that will make up our New World Order. California does not fight with Nevada. New York does not war with New Jersey. Yet these states are separated by borders and yet contain both diverse races and religions, ALL living under the same umbrella in peace. And so America comes to a time in which she and her people must find a way to reinvent themselves. Imagine for a moment if you will, this beautiful American model of diversity all living in peace, imagine this umbrella covering the entire planet. What better way to reinvent ourselves then to first be sure that we secure this wonderful and powerful system of freedom, free will and privacy, and then expand the umbrella to cover the world. Can you imagine a world in full and total peace? Can you imagine such a world as this, and imagine such a world without the presence of a blue Helmut police force, where the people of the world have secured their privacy, and freedom and free will reigns through each and every community throughout our entire planet?
In order to secure up such a future we must begin to place our most talented and brightest minds and souls into international positions and the international spot light. This will require that we begin to focus upon infiltrating the United Nations, the Red Cross, The World Health Organization, and all other groups who hold interest in creating a global based system. So on one hand we must secure and keep secure our constitutional rights, and at the same time we must concentrate our interests at an international and global level.
I have always warned of a future time in which there would be a most important “y” in the road for us. This here is that exact “y” in the road. Whereby we could sit back and only focus upon America and by doing as such we would end up falling under the worldly powers that have planned an awful New World Order whereby a .01% elite lead, and 99.99% are happy to embrace their own enslavement. Or by way of our empowered free will of choice that we embrace it so that we take full control of the leadership and destiny of such a worldly system. It is my desire for us to choose wisely our road today, so that we secure not just a free future for our children, but that we secure a free and equal system for all the children of the world, and their children and their children and their children for ever more. Can you help us do this? Can you hear and answer to this calling? I trust that you can hear this message, I trust that you will make the right choice. Heaven awaits, Kingdom come. That is to say the Kingdom of Heaven, can now come to earth. It is simply a choice. Let us go forward together and choose this wondrous future that is ours for the taking and at hand at this very moment. Let us make the right choice, let us do the right thing.

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