With our most recent move into the age of Aquarius marks a very special moment in time for our entire collective species as a whole. It is during this time when we shift from one age to another that sages and seers keep on their toes for the next coming prophet. So the sages have been watching for the 2nd coming of Christ, and he has not come. And so the seers, thinking that after 6000 years of male dominant energies and war, that with our return to the divine feminine energies as part of the natural balancing cycle, that they should be watching out for a Goddess. And she has not come. Neither he, nor she, has come. Why?

Having had now some 2000 years to learn from the teachings of Christ, the bible, and many other sacred texts, it is now time for us to begin to enact our learning’s. The 2nd coming of Christ is not Jesus himself or a divine feminine Goddess coming back to save us. They have not come. They will not come. That is because the Second coming of Christ is You, and it’s I, and it is him, and it is her. We are indeed the ones we have been waiting for. It is time for us to, how shall I put it, “Walk the Jesus Walk”.

This site was produced for these exact reasons. To help spread the truth of this moment in time that we all find ourselves in, and for us to begin talking and sharing about what our next steps might be in this, a most exciting time to be alive during this Grandest age of Spiritual Evolution.

I welcome and challenge one and all to partake, to question our past conditioning, to hunger and thirst for truth, and to ask yourself, “What legacy will I leave when I am gone?”. I challenge us to fall the walls and fences that have kept us separated for far to long, so that we may all gain a higher level of being, of higher consciousness and purer love. It is true at an individual level as well as at a global level, that the source of most problems come from the lack of the presence of love.

For if there was ever one thing that all should know is this single Universal Truth: Unconditional Love Trumps All! No need to pray for it, hope it, dream it or wish it, rather you must know this. For if you should know this, than it shall come to pass. Know this.

Love & Light,Scott