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New Tree of Life? Ibogaine from the Iboga Tree Bark – Spiritual Evolution

New Tree of Life? Ibogaine from the Iboga Tree Bark

I believe we have just found the new Tree of Life. or at least for this age. After reading this I wonder if you will yearn to experience this as much as I wish to experience it. Have a read, I think you will know what mean after having read this news of a new tree of life.


WIKI - Third Eye1Dylan Charles, Staff
Waking Times

The pineal gland has been at the core of spiritual traditions dating back thousands of years, spanning all inhabited continents. Prominently carved onto Buddhist statues, ceremoniously painted onto tribal faces, and deceptively displayed in the Vatican square, the pineal gland, known as the Third Eye, or Seat of the Soul, is still shrouded in mystery.

One of the culprits to the endless poverty, warfare, and illness in society today lies in humanity’s collective disconnection from their soul and their true divine nature. The key to awakening from this destructive dream lies in the pineal gland, a crystalline, cosmic antenna integrating multidimensional life-source into our five sense reality. Throughout the past few decades however, fluoride and other toxins have calcified this soul-gate, blocking many human beings from their divine guidance and limiting their personal power.

Iboga is an ancient shamanic plant medicine derived from the root bark of a curious tree, the Tabernanthe Iboga, which has been used for millenia by the Bwiti tribe of Equatorial West Africa as a ceremonial sacrament. Taken for its vast physical and psychological healing properties and as a right of passage and introduction to the spirit world, it opens the third eye and awakens one to their true spiritual nature. When ingested, the spirit of the plant awakens, projecting a celestial film within the mind’s eye of the initiate, teaching experientially through holographic vision and divine dialog. Also ridding the body of mind-numbing toxins, and freeing the mind from detrimental programming and limiting beliefs, this plant medicine offers serious promise as a tool for Western seekers in our collective quest to break free from the matrix and reconnect with Mother Earth.

Fluoride and the War on Consciousness

As renowned author and historian Graham Hancock explains in his banned TED talk, The War on Consciousness there is a deliberate effort to prevent sovereign individuals from exploring the vast potential of their own minds. To control a population, the masses must be programmed through spells conjured up by a corrupt corporate media, cultural programs of self-destruction, and the diabolical manipulation of the noosphere. The operating system of the mind is accessed through language, and one’s reality is a combination of the filters, biases and belief systems learned from the dominant conversations in a society. Whom ever controls the language of a society creates the reality for its members.

To further influence the consciousness of human kind in our seemingly backwards world, the mind is targeted and weakened by an onslaught of toxicity. Sodium fluoride, an inorganic chemical compound and toxic waste product of the aluminum industry, is one of the main toxins used by the elite to increase our susceptibility to subliminal messages and mind control. By narcotizing an area in the left occipital lobe of the brain, fluoride makes people docile, passive, disconnected, and obedient.


Fluoride is widely used nowadays as one of the basic ingredients in Prozac (Fluoxetene Hydrochloride) and other psycho-tropic drugs, and is also a key ingredient in rat poison and sarin nerve gas (Isopropyl-Methyl-Phosphoryl Fluoride). Oddly it is also a common additive to municipal drinking water in the United States and other nations, ostensibly to protect public health by fortifying teeth. Multiple scientific studies in recent years have proven that fluoride causes a slew of health conditions as well as significantly lowering the IQ points of its unsuspecting victims, which is why there is a growing popular movement to end fluoridation of public water supplies.

The first use of fluoridated drinking water occurred in Germany’s Nazi prison camps by the Gestapo who used fluoride to sterilize humans and force people into submission.

Charles Perkins, a US chemist explains the dangers of fluoride in 1954:

“I was told of this entire scheme by a German chemist who was an official of the great IG Farben chemical industries and was also prominent in the Nazi movement at the time. I say this with all the earnestness and sincerity of a scientist who has spent nearly 20 years research into the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorine–any person who drinks artificially fluorinated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person mentally or physically.” [Source]

An even more damaging effect of fluoride exposure is calcification of the pineal gland, which separates a person from their spiritual nature. Fluoride encapsulates the pineal gland in an artificial shell, physically disconnecting the soul and higher consciousness from the bio-computer known as the brain. Without access to the soul, the human brain becomes mechanical, robotic and conscienceless in it’s operation, rendered a tool easily controlled by social programming and mind control.

The end game of mass fluoride poisoning is the creation of a population of submissive, obedient, un-intelligent workers, rather than true thinkers, warriors, artists, and heroes. This is evident in our modern cities where once lively human beings now appear as self-regulating zombies, slaves in a spiritless matrix of consumerism and competition .

Decalcification Protocols: Unlocking the Soul

Most people’s pineal glands are heavily calcified by the time they are 17 years old, so much so that it appears as a solid lump of calcium during an MRI scan. There are many practical methods and supplements available to seekers who wish to fully reawaken their spiritual essence, and for seekers on the path toward truth and enlightenment, purification of this spiritual organ is an absolute must.

Iboga Wellness 350x250Skate liver oil for pineal decalcification was popularized by government insider Pete Peterson and contains a compound known as Activator X which allows the body to remove calcium deposits from various locations. Iodine has been clinically proven to increase the removal of sodium fluoride from the body via urine as calcium fluoride. Tamarind also helps in releasing fluoride through the urine. Boron, found to be powerfully effective in the form of Borax Decahydrate, reduces excessive calcification of the pineal gland while also helping magnesium access cells to further remove calcium deposits. While supplements can be effective at detoxifying the pineal gland, however, people often report mixed results with them as it may take years to achieve noticeable results.

In addition to modern supplements for cleansing the pineal gland, the plant medicine Iboga is undoubtedly a very effective agent in re-awakening one’s connection to spirituality, and initiates routinely have powerful spiritual experiences within just a few sessions with this ancient medicine teacher.

Studies with Iboga for pineal decalcification have yet to be conducted, however, anecdotal evidence has raised attention to its potential. Various paranormal and spiritual phenomena occur during Iboga journeys, from out of body experiences, remote viewing and seeing through walls, vivid full spectrum life review, speaking with spirits and ancestors, and accessing outside information. These mystical phenomenon are linked to the powerful spiritual awakening induced by Iboga journeys, and the detoxification of the body’s spiritual organs.

Iboga Neuroscience – the Tree of Life?

Ibogaine, the active alkaloid in Iboga, influences the neurological processes involved in learning addictive behavior and can reveal the deepest layers of one’s mental and habitual programming. Through NMDA receptors, Ibogaine influences the process of long-term potentiation, a long-lasting enhancement in signal transmission between two neurons which increases neuroplasticity, strengthening the synaptic signals, therefore augmenting learning and memory.

Ibogaine has been found to increase levels of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor, or GDNF, which promotes the survival and replenishment of many types of neurons. A single dose of ibogaine can increase GDNF expression for weeks, depending on dosage. Ibogaine is also highly lipophilic and remains in body fat for months, gradually being released, further extending its influence on GDNF expression. Patents are currently pending on Iboga alkaloids to reverse or treat dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression, and ADHD, and the compound is widely respected as an effective agent in treating serious drug addictions.

Furthermore, certain mental illnesses and psychiatric conditions may be remedied with Iboga. It is common for people with depersonalization, a relatively new psychological disorder where one feels disconnected from his or her own self and the outside world, to find immediate, powerful and lasting relief with Iboga. It is thought that this new psychological condition along with several others is caused at least in part by pineal gland calcification and often triggered by a traumatic event. Additionally, clearer, more three-dimensional vision, a new baby-like sensitivity to life, and feelings of having an open heart are often reported the day after a spiritual Iboga journey.

Long term, if not permanent effects include increased psychic sensitivity, the ability to visualize internally in crystal clarity, and an increased magnetism for manifestation. Greater intelligence, clearing of brain fog, eloquence in speech, and a lighter, more youthful energy are also often reported. The most important effect of Iboga is the reconnection to free will. Many go in thinking they are free and come out realizing the thousands of choices they make each day are a result of reacting to programming and cultural narratives that are fabricated deceptions aimed at limiting personal liberty.

Although the actual journey is intense, including possible purging and nausea if your body needs to clear toxins, the experience is rarely described as scary, although a common somewhat frightening aspect commonly occurs the day after when an initiate experiences thoughts such as, “what if I hadn’t done this? What blind path I would have continued on, if I didn’t see what I just saw.” One often wakes from a dream that she did not know was a dream, is left breathless and surrounded by a higher actuality. 

During the Iboga journey, many people do not experience deep spiritual journeys their first time since the medicine must clear and detox the body first, resurfacing cellular receptor sites, removing mercury and aluminum from the muscles and blood, and killing off parasites, candida, and other low-vibration microorganisms. Once the body is relatively clean, the medicine then can reach the mind and soul. Some people describe it as ten years of psychotherapy in one night since the rhythm of thoughts and revelations appear fast and frequently, unceasingly bursting one’s bubble with simple, objective dialog. Unlike the lyrical, abstract visions common to Mother Ayahuasca, Iboga teaches through direct, logical information downloads and is known as the “Father” teacher.

Holographic Teachings

Tapping into your own database of memories, memes, and anchor points, the spirit of Iboga crystallizes momentous visuals on your inner chalk board, while many also hear a telepathic voice of truth both answering questions and pointing out blind spots over the course of a single session which can last up to 36 hours depending on your sensitivity, dose, and current state of consciousness. During this time, arrows of truth incessantly pierce your dream-like bubbles, but these arrows are coated with love’s varnish, and shot by an omniscient bowman who already knows what you are ready to see. Your emotional body is also temporarily relieved through this experience so that you can observe and process past trauma in a near-instant and smoother process without getting caught up in old triggers and tears. This allows you to glide fast through the multitude of blocks you may have, for there is much work to be done.

pineal meme 1Time slows down on Iboga, and while you lie consciously awake and in control, your brain remains in an REM dream state where you have both read/write access to your subconscious mind’s hard drive. Virtually everyone the morning after Iboga who listens to music remarks that the music sounds twice as fast. This is because time actually stretches out in your personal reality, but music and clocks remain relative. Visual tracers are also quite common on the medicine, as you can see the reflection of the past in each moment, and each thought and lesson is processed in a more advanced, cyclical nature, instead of linearly.

When experienced in a group setting with absolute trust and love, a collective psychic grid is created where concepts, Matrix-busting revelations, and healing love-webs can be instantly shared with the group. Often times the group simultaneously voices the same revelation as information is shared freely and each member becomes open-source, as she opens up to source in a Golden Age bubble crafted by the experience. Seeing, moving, and speaking in this state can be best described as fractal, fluid, and holographic.

Do you Hear the Hero’s Call?

Do you feel the call to taste the tree of life? There are several options for experiencing an Iboga journey in a guided setting, as undergoing a journey alone is not recommended or safe. Handfuls of ibogaine clinics have popped up in recent years, mostly geared towards treating drug addicts, and largely devoid of the medicines true spiritual context. It is recommended to keep clear of medical-style clinics if spiritual awakening, heart opening, and soul connection is what you seek. Using the full root bark of the Iboga tree or at least the total alkaloid extract ensures the spirit of the plant is intact and available, while also holistically utilizing the dozen other alkaloids that the plant has to offer.

Some feel called to experience the full Iboga initiation in Gabon, Africa. A good place to start your research would be Ebando, which has offered heart-felt initiation ceremonies for many years. Full initiation ceremonies differ by tribe and region and can last several weeks and include ingesting 5-10 times more Iboga than a typical Iboga center in the West offers. Most people do not feel ready to fly to Africa and experience this intense journey.

Shamanic Iboga centers such as those in Central America offer a bridge for Westerners, as people from the West have their own set of problems including many new psychological ailments and toxicity-induced diseases. Some get what they want in one journey, but most require several journeys to cleanse their body before experiencing the spiritual awakening that can be breath-taking and unbelievably liberating.

In the end it is important to follow your own intuition, and realize Iboga, like other plant technologies, is simply a tool. As Aikido master Morihei Ueshiba once said, “Loyalty and devotion lead to bravery. Bravery leads to the spirit of self-sacrifice. The spirit of self-sacrifice creates trust in the power of love.” In the end your own dedication, self-inquiry, and openness to love will determine the speed and depth of your healing and awakening. Iboga simply lifts the fog, revealing the hero within.

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