Aquarius the water bearer drowns Pisces the fish

Aquarius the Water bearer drowns the Fish of PiscesAnd a new epic for the ages begins.

I have just realized something so extraordinary and profound that I believe it will have a worldly impact upon humanity. I have just been shown when, why, and how it all went so wrong for Jesus Christ and Christianity. Granted it is a very fresh finding so it is currently in a rough cut format, it shall need more deep thought and hard work to become a more clear and accurate message. Allow for me to share:

A cult has three main elements, the basic model of a cult is as follows:

  1. The God Source (God as we know him to be)
  2. The Logos (or middleman who because of his closer relationship to the God source is capable of helping the people better understand the God Source)
  3. The People (Humans worldwide

So, the three main elements of a cult model are, The Source, The Logos, the People.

Placing this into everyday reality we can see this model in the following examples:

God, David Koresh, The People.

God, Jim Jones, The People.

Now, where I personally have struggled with the Jesus thing was in feeling that if I were indeed from, of and by the God source, that there should be nothing between me and the source. That by my very god given birthright from the creator I should be allowed direct access to my life and God source. This way I would maintain a purely divine and constant connection, this way I would ensure confidence in that by having a direct connection to the God source that the variable for error would be very small if not completely absent in my relations with the source. It is when I place my trust in this logos, this middle man like David Koresh, that the errors and impurities can begin to flourish.


And so now when we look for a third example of a real world model of a cult we see:

God, Jesus, the People. :-O (ya, holy shit! literally!)


Jesus did not come into our world to be used and abused by being placed into the logos position. It was not his nor God’s original intent for Jesus to be a middle man. But, with the construct of, “THE CHURCH”, man was able TO JUST THAT!

The church system gave man (the Vatican) the exact model they needed in order to take what was once pure and divine and create a cult model by making Jesus the logos that in turn would enable the church to fool the masses, control the logos, and soak the world of its spiritual, mental and physical riches. Establishment of the Church gave man the ability to turn Jesus into a cult logos, and they never looked back. 🙁


This is not just truth, but it is the pure and divine truth from the source. It is as if I didn’t even write this in fact, rather God wrote it, through me he bleeds the ink upon my paper. And I promise you that my connection to the God source is pure and unadulterated, I have no interest in winning friends, making money or in having some hollow need to boost my personal ego. I, and my father have a direct interest in reestablishing the pure and divine truth by way of sensing and showing everyone examples that can be seen at work here and now in our current times, and that the record may again be set true and right, and that you may be enabled to lay witness upon such evidences at this very moment. There is simply no way to deny what has now been offered for your witnessing. It is now up to you to do the correct thing, that through your free will of choice and by the evidence at hand, that you will use this evidence to make the right choice.


This is, in its highest form, the symbolical drowning and death of the fish, Pisces. It signifies the end of the epic Age of Pisces as we know it. As now we must make room for the next great prophet, the water bearer carrying the pitcher of water (Aquarius the water bearer) and begin to follow him into his house (the house or age of Aquarius).


WOW! I am so profoundly amazed at this God of ours, his capability to work through me like this is so profound that my current logic and language cannot even begin to describe it. And tears of joy begin to stream.


Love, Light and Power,


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