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Holy Grail Found! – Spiritual Evolution

Holy Grail Found!

Holy Grail, Found, located
Holy Grail Found

The Holy Grail is NOT a cup or chalice that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper, and nor is the Holy Grail that cup that caught Jesus’ blood as he hung from the cross after he’d been speared by a Roman soldier. Neither is the Holy Grail, as the Da Vinci Code suggested, Jesus’ actual bloodline, of children or descendants that Jesus may have been the father of by way of mother Mary Magdalene. And lastly, the once heavily sought after “Spear of Longinus” (Destiny) of which a Roman soldier used to pierce the side of Jesus with, the same Spear which Hitler so believed in its super natural magical powers that he diverted a whole SS division to find the authentic spear instead of sending the battle strong division to counter the Invasion of Normandy. Things could have been much different had certain intents not been executed. Hitler died believing he had the sword, however later it was found to be a replica fake. The spear of destiny is not the grail. So what is the Holy Grail, and where is it?

The Holy Grail is a, “Latent Miracle Power” that resides within each and every one of us.

Don't fit in, Stand out!Having been in a deep sleep for a very long time the good news is that the holy grail is now beginning to activate inside those who seek it. More and more are becoming activated each day. The Christ powers within you take effort and work but the reward is sweeter than our current language and logic will allow me to describe. In a world where everything outside us means more than the world itself, you are being asked to Seek within. Do you know why China is not a threat to  us? Because these people place the path to inner enlightenment (Spirit) before that which is outside themselves (Material). You do not see China go to foreign countries and rape them of their resources so to have more material. If China were the Yin, America would be the Yang, as we place material far above spirit. How can we become balanced?

From deep in the south, to way up in the north, to the furthest far East, to just left of West, we must begin to seek within. Seek within, America, seek within. Become Activated. Spiritual Evolution happens!


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