Natural network for human access and miracles

Earths network from spaceIf all of our wireless technologies and communications actually had a line of light connected to them and we went out into space and looked back at planet earth it would resemble the image that you see here. Pretty amazing and beautiful right? But the biggest challenge of this network that we’ve created is that is it an, “Artificial” network. The word Artificial means, “Something created that is a replica of something that is already naturally occurring.” The problem with artificial things is that they can manipulated and used for other purposes than originally intended. Hence this is one reason we see many of the internet’s complications today… it is because one, or a group of people have come to manipulate the artificial network to play in their favor, and usually at the expense of someone else. That’s OK though, because there is another network out there that many of you are completely unaware of, and it is a fully natural network.

Ever had ringing in your ears and then someone called you right afterwords only to find that it was the person you had been thinking about when your ears rang? Ever had a gut feeling, but instead of following your gut you chose a different way only to come to find that your chosen way was indeed the wrong way, and had you followed your gut everything would have been fine? Ever made eye contact with someone and unlike most eye contact that this specific connection was obviously more powerful than others, so much so it may have been physically moving to you? Well these are all the subtle signatures of proof that there is indeed an all natural network that surrounds us and engulfs the entire planet and universe.

Further glaring examples that help to prove the existence of this natural network can be found in things such as the more recently scientifically proven act of telepathy. Telepathy is when someone is able to send another person a message without using any other tools but themselves, and often times do it over vast amounts of distance and space. Telepathy has been scientifically proven now, although they were very quiet about the testing and success and so much of the information from these tests have since been scrubbed from the internet. Why you may ask, why are they scrubbing this information out of existence? Because of the potential impact such phenomena might have upon civilization. The impact of proving telepathy to be a true and a commonality amongst all humans would be massive and irreversible. That’s why.

You see, if telepathy has been scientifically proven and it suggests that we all have this capability then imagine what this does to our previous understanding of distance. It would prove that distance, or the space between us, is an illusion. After all, if I wouldn’t need to be physically close to you in order to communicate well then this partially collapses the space and distance between us. Not just this but as you may be aware, that when NASA looks across vast distances of space we have found that time begins to curve and bend. So if distance were an illusion, common logic would suggest that time is also an illusion. And if both distance and time were illusions then wow, wow, wow! Ya, you are not as far away as you thought from that loved one who passed before you! We all have these tools and the capability to begin to put this wondrous natural network to use for ourselves. We just haven’t taken the time to develop such skills. We must begin to learn more and more about ourselves and our environment based upon these things previously mentioned, we must begin to break down into steps the processes used to hone and develop these skills. I think it was Jesus who said, “You shall come to perform even greater miracles than he!” and well this is the exact place where all that and more begins!

We actually have many more senses than just our 5 senses. We also come packed with a myriad of extended capabilities that today many refer to as, “Special”. These so called special capabilities are not just in a few people and not in others, the truth be told that each and every one of us has all these capabilities and more. So I urge you to embrace this new front, search for methods of becoming more aware, involve yourself with the unconventional and further connect to this natural network of consciousness so that you can begin to hone your skills at being able to use the full plethora of miracles you have been birthed with.

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