Our Combined Calling to the Conscious Evolution of Spirit.

Evolution of Spirit

Our Combined Calling to the Conscious evolution of Spirit.

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges is in simplifying this indescribable, amazing, yet potentially catastrophic and even heaven sent moment in time we and our humanity are experiencing. How do you place it all into a simple, easily recognizable, motivating and even buy-able pitch? I deliver for your review and critique family members worldwide:

WHAT: Acknowledge the great transition, Spread the word.
WHO: Us. A United State of the World. Our Service.
HOW: Free Will. Empowered by a choice to do right.
WHEN: Now. But be-aware, past generations did not heed the warnings and chose not to adjust. Historical humanity was reactionary, they waited for the epic disasters to hit, and then reacted.
WHERE: Here Now until Kingdom Come, and to many, many, more levels, beyond even eternity.

That like clockwork our ancient stories predict, outline and warn of this coming great transition. That by combining the best elements of our past systems we clearly understand the importance of the times we are now living, we are all to aware of the great transition in human advancement.

Just as the United States are separated by borders, and yet each state is filled with different races and religions, yet all of them live under the same umbrella in peace. That it is America who must now re-invent herself to lead the world into a greater United State of the World. Into a United State of Humanity.

We evolve to realize that through our free will of choice we create our experience, and with our combined will of choice we create our world. Empowered as such that even Sin, is a choice.

We and our systems are much smarter today, we predict and forecast, from which we’ve become a reactive people. Early to acknowledge, earlier to react, proactive to our transition.

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