A lesson in truth and instinct – Advanced Human Senses

Realize that we have many, many more senses than just the 5 main senses of sight, smell, hearing, tasting and touching. Albeit the advanced senses don’t give themselves away so one must work to hone them, they must be more aware, in tune. Perhaps instinct is a most important sense. the, “gut” feeling. The reason it is a gut feeling is because the answer comes to you and through you at light speed, a subtle jolt if you will. Most of us too busy, on sensory overload, or just numb aren’t sensitively aware of this gut shock and we immediately begin to spin and create layers upon the gut feeling essentially losing contact with the truth offered by the gut source. 93% of our communications are NON verbal. We communicate at an energy level that is currently detached from our 5 senses and current logic. It is through body and facial kinetics and the eyes that the magic of communications begins, then down unto a much more subtle area of un observable frequencies and energies.  Call them Feelergies. 🙂 As one becomes more aware of such advanced senses one may hone into a space of which was not previously observable and find new sub sensory features. Your creative, moral (For the advancement of life) imaginations can take it from here. And this my friends, is the truth.

But do you know what is super special about the truth? Truth need not be premeditated. Truth requires no planning because it is perfect in form.

A lesson in Truth and Instinct, do share.


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