This is the Way

The reality is that the bibles future Babylon is indeed America, it represents the American Jews actually. So America is Babylon. The Tower of Babylon is being built as we speak as world trade center tower 1. And the whore of Babylon is not far from there, in a harbor, you guessed it, its Lady Liberty.
It’s no wonder all the 3rd world countries look to America not only as the World Bully, but also as that we ALL eat and drink like Kings and Queens every day; and WE DO! I am sorry to inform you of these awful truth’s.
But that doesn’t mean that we can not see a new awakening in America. Here is how I predict it goes down, IF it goes down:
“The true liberty of (every)ones free will of choice is paramount to reaching Kingdom Come.” June 2015
Then, each of us must begin to use our free will of choice, to begin to choose to do, what we know in our heart of hearts to be true and right; all aligning with the Golden Rule. In all that we do.
In time, as more and more choose to do the right thing, people will begin to realize that even sin, is a choice (of free will). And when one realizes that sin is a choice, they may over come sin.
This is the way.
This is the way in which we will reach Kingdom Come.