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We could learn a lot from the Wizard of Oz – Spiritual Evolution

We could learn a lot from the Wizard of Oz

Wizard of OZ Poppy fieldFrom time to time as you follow the Yellow Brick Road (LIFE), you just may get lost in the woods (Along the way). Learn how to integrate the trio of capabilities offered by the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion.

The route back to The Yellow Brick Road is by discovering that:
1. You can make a mistake
2. You can correct it, and
3. You can change your direction through the knowledge gained in the process

So it’s like with each step you (Dorothy) take on the yellow brick road, contained within it are three mini-steps. (Dorothy’s three friends)

Dorothy and the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion
Mini-step 1 Take step off The Yellow Brick Road Scarecrow Brain – make mistake
Mini-step 2 Realize that you’re stuck in the Woods Tin Man Heart – discover mistake
Mini-step 3 Redirect self back onto The Yellow Brick Road Cowardly Lion Courage – correct mistake
Equals One Step Taken Take a step forward on The Yellow Brick Road Dorothy You – acquire awareness

Here we discuss the various ways one can get stuck in repetitive cycles.

Common Scenarios
1. Judging yourself for making mistakes and thus getting stuck in the inertia of – guilt – “I should’ve known better!”
2. Getting stuck in the short-term ‘enjoyment’ of the mistake – addiction – temporarily mistaking its ‘pleasure’ aspect for your real goal.
3. Halting the learning and growing process – fear/lack of faith – for whatever lies ahead on The Yellow Brick Road.

The next stage is learning how to become unstuck from our mistakes:

Reclaiming the Power of the Red Slippers
1. Support yourself with the awareness that you were doing the best you could with the understanding and knowledge you possessed then. I.e. if you had of known better you would’ve done better, etc. Is it time to forgive yourself?
2. Refocus your goal from short-term pleasure of what you found in the woods, to the long-term pleasure of your goal of being back home in Kansas.
3. Trust in the love you have for yourself – by getting back in contact with your inner guidance. Find out what works best for you: it could be through dreams, meditation, writing (journal/write poems) or by opening up a direct dialogue with yourself. Thus revealing the path back!
The message contained within Wizard of Oz Symbolism is that one can harness the personal power of the Red Slippers by integrating these:
  • Symbolism of Scarecrow/Brain – personal choices
  • Symbolism of Tin Man/Heart – love and intuition
  • Symbolism of Cowardly Lion/Courage – fearless, unwavering faith in yourself

Therefore, to finish we can say that follow the  Yellow  Brick  Road   means:

 Follow Your Intuition!



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